The statistics are telling.

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I’m just arriving home from a great trip to Denver, CO, where my friend Kit and I co-led a workshop on Embodied Living.

I love leading these types of workshops because not only do I get to connect with new people, I get to see ‘aha moments’ and new awareness take hold in real time.  Being able to pass on simple, yet powerful teachings that let women connect to the wisdom of their bodies is such a gift.

Why don’t they teach us this stuff when we’re younger?”, they ask…

Or “I’ve been struggling with X issue for so long and never once have I heard what you’re sharing.”  

“I KNOW in my bones this will really help me. It just makes so much sense.”

There are times when I feel like my work is too “new paradigm” for the masses, but experiences like these help me to remember that women are still struggling.

The statistics are pretty telling…

Did you know that most women will try at least 61 new diets by the time they hit age 45?  And that the vast majority of these women will not create any real, lasting change?  

After completing a new diet:

-They’ll still struggle with their relationship to food…

-They’ll still count calories or categorize foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’…

-They’ll still feel anxiety around eating…

-They’ll still struggle with consistency, restricting and then emotionally overeating…

-They’ll still hate their bodies and fight against their natural inclinations to eat, rest and move…

Many of these women will immediately hop on the next fad diet that promises to “fix them” and when that diet fails, they’ll move on to the next and the next and the next.

The saddest part is that these women will inadvertently pass their dieting habits, food woes, and body shame onto their children, who pass it on to their children, and on and on and on.

The cycle viciously repeats itself for generations.

Yet not one of these diets will truly teach women how to understand and care for their bodies through nutrition, movement and simple lifestyle practices.

Not one of these diets is based upon empowerment and understanding of the female body.  

For some reason, we, women keep returning to the shame and restriction of the diet industry even though it hasn’t worked in the past…

I spend A LOT of time thinking about this stuff due to the nature of my work.  Daily, I support clients to untangle the misinformed habits picked up over the years surrounding weight loss, food and their bodies.  

Some days it feels insurmountable and I wonder if the population at large will ever really change.   

But then I remember how much I’ve changed.

I remember the hundreds of willing women I’ve worked with who have also changed.  

I think of their families, their friends, significant others, coworkers and acquaintances who have been positively impacted by the shifts they’ve made…

…and I remind myself that there is no way to measure the ripple effect that occurs when women commit to doing things differently.

When a women makes peace with food and begins to trust her body, she frees up an enormous amount of time, space and energy to LIVE and to create the life she was born to live.

What about you, babe? What would you do with the time and energy you spend worrying about food and your body?

Would you start living your life with greater freedom and confidence? Would you start doing the things you’ve been waiting [until you lose the weight] to do?

Now is the time to start living, love.

Today is the perfect time to do something differently.

If you’re truly struggling with your body and your relationship to food and it’s affecting how you feel inside and out, I am currently accepting applications for new one-on-one clients to begin August 7.   

If you desire to create a consistent routine with managing your body so that you can feel more confident, less anxious day to day, and have greater energy physically and emotionally, Let’s chat.

To create the most hands-on, supported experience, there are currently only 6  spots available for private coaching.  This is a very special time to receive intimate support from me over an extended period of time.

If you feel like one of those spots belongs to you, simply email with the subject line: “Private Coaching” and let us know. We’ll send you all the info you need to see if it’s right for you.

Together, we’ll help you feel empowered with food and your body in a way that allows your life and career to revolve around happiness, empowerment, excellent self-care, clean eating and pleasurable movement.  All with accountability, encouragement and my personal support every step of the way.

I’d love to support you in creating a better way, love.

With love,


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