Emily Cassel“Being in Stephanie’s presence is powerfully transformative. She fully sees every woman she meets with the eyes of pure and unconditional sweet love, and reflects it back to you so that you are fully aware of how capable and amazing YOU truly are. Stephanie can’t help but to bring healing light to all she does in the world, and is fully devoted to her mission in support of women cultivating body love, sisterhood, and true freedom in our bodies and therefore in all aspects of our lives.” -Emily Cassel

 Carmen Nash

 “Working with Stephanie through The Renewal Formula and Body Love Sisterhood has provided me with more joy and revelations on how to nourish and support myself in relationship to food, of course, but also in other areas of my life. I have also gained insight into how to nurture my sensuality, relationships, family and career. Stephanie is a cherished teacher, mentor and friend. She brings her whole, intuitive, gorgeous self to her coaching and creates a loving space for women to explore and play in safety.” -Carmen Nash

Laura Kalinski
“Stephanie provides a loving, safe and compassionate space that allows me to let go of my fears of judgment and retribution, and meets me wherever I am at that moment in time. She has always been supportive and nurturing even beyond our time together.” -Laura Kalinski

Dana Barber


“Working with Stephanie during this past year has been an incredible journey! She facilitated some major shifts for me and has wonderfully sweet intuition… she knows where and how to lead.

For most of my life, I have had a harsh relationship with my body. When I looked in the mirror, my usual reaction was something like, “ugh, gross… Dana, what is your problem? Why can’t you get it together and be better? This is disgusting.”

She was the right person at the right time to lead me to MYSELF. Her extensive knowledge of the body, and how to nourish it is inspiring… and working together has enabled me to make lifelong changes (including losing 20+ lbs.). My insides are different. My eating habits are different. My coping mechanisms are different and I finally feel GOOD in my own skin.” -Dana Barber

Diane Volcko


“She’s the real deal! Stephanie has helped me discover what’s going on nutritionally, emotionally, and mentally in my relationship with food.

Through our work together, I’ve found the truth about what’s healthy for my body and how to nourish myself. We uncovered and dissolved all of my excuses around eating and taking care of myself from a healthy, positive, encouraging perspective. I feel curious, determined, and excited instead of guilty or ‘wrong’.

I highly encourage working with Stephanie if you’re ready to learn more about yourself and finally move on from habits you know don’t serve you!” -Diane V.

Michelle Condon


“Working with Stephanie has changed the way I eat and the mindfulness with which I approach my physical and spiritual health. Thanks to Stephanie’s caring guidance, I eliminated my unhealthy food choices and discovered a new world of delicious, healthy foods and recipes. Not only did I lose the 10 pounds I have wanted to lose for years, I gained the knowledge and support to take better care of myself for the rest of my life.”  -Michelle Mensore Condon


“Working with Stephanie actually changed my life. I was in a space of feeling terrible about my life and my body– I didn’t have any energy, I was scared, I was confused, and I was unhappy. I started working with her one-on-one and also completed The Renewal Formula. Finding foods and a routine that worked for my body gave me new vitality and energy.

With her loving and compassionate coaching, she helped me to stay consistent with my healthier habits, remove the guilt complex I had about food, and be happy with the person I saw in the mirror. She taught me to treat my body with respect and curiosity, not with judgement, and helped me to realize how important it is to take care of myself FIRST.

I would recommend working with her to any woman who wants to change her story about food and her body from one of guilt, judgement, and “shoulds” to one of love, compassion, and endless possibilities.” -Georgia Schrubbe, owner & founder Holy City Salsa Studio

IMG_4947“Until I started working with Stephanie. I had been secretly struggling with diet and body image issues since late high school and never had the strength to ask for help. Through Stephanie, I found a hand that was easy to hold, and always there to push me forward towards new accomplishments and goals. While working together I have made small changes, that have achieved big results in my life. I have a mind/body awareness that allows me to enjoy each and every second of the day. I have conquered old habits, and have learned the ability to listen to my body, and actually understand what it wants.

I now have the confidence in myself that I wouldn’t have had 6 months ago, even a year ago. My connection with food was something that I thought was normal, and how I would spend the rest of my life. Boy was I wrong! My relationship with food has made a 360. I eat foods that nourish me from the inside out, and actually crave healthy foods. I find that through Stephanie’s program and the lifestyle changes I’ve made, I have the energy of a kid again.  I never thought that I would be able to have the relationship with my body and food that I do now.”      -Eloise Kropp

“I just can’t believe how much things have changed for me in the past three months. It’s exciting to be on journey that’s just unfolding..and I can’t thank you enough for all of your gentle, kind and informative guidance!”   -Jordan


“I am now embracing my body type and it’s like coming home. I kick ass. I am so strong, I can’t believe it. I am actually close to lifting more than my body weight. I feel amazing. You were instrumental lady. Always know that.” -Brittany Gardner


“Our work together has meant the world to me! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- working with you has been the best investment in myself that I have ever made.” -Emily Cox


“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Definitely NOT Stephanie Burg. Stephanie is as lovely as she is beautiful and as smart as she is lovely. I am 68 and through working with her I have literally changed my life. She provides guidance and new ways of approaching the food challenges of every day life, of not so everyday life, of social events, of parties and of travel and every situation and place where food can be a challenge as well as a delight. My skin is radiant, my teeth are whiter and I look at stressors both big and small in a whole new way. She is worth every penny and then some.” -Annie Stone

“I’ve been searching for such a long time to understand this journey with my body, For years, and years, and years I’ve known I needed to find a different way and I finally have. I’ve really changed the way I look at my body and food in a way that’s just easily incorporated into my life in such a way that it becomes part of your gift to yourself, your family and the people around you. I am learning an incredible amount of information about myself from you. Sometimes people are sent to you for a reason. I will celebrate this life I have been given! “— F.G.



“Jacy really transformed after her meeting with you. I would love to give other dancers more exposure to what you can do for them.”

-Dana Fletcher, mom of Jacy, trainee at Miami City Ballet

“I have been reflecting about our time together and what gifts you have shared with me. My life is different because of you and your love, support and most of all your knowledge. You have helped me on my journey which is now going to be shared with family and friends, as healthy and strong, informed and confident. I truly believe that I am becoming the person my mother always knew that I was. For these gifts I am forever indebted!”   -Fran G.

“Stephanie is knowledgeable, approachable, sympathetic, engaged in your personal issues, and last but not least, inspirational. We thoroughly enjoyed our work with her and learned so much under her tutelage. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a health coach to seriously consider Stephanie!” -Beth T.

Lisa smoothedcropsmall“Stephanie’s warm, inspiring presence is key to her clients’ success. Working with her really helps one realize how much is possible – in life and in health.  Stephanie provides the structure, tips, recipes, support and guidance that make it an enjoyable journey. I learned a lot about myself and my body with her help. Learning and growing with Stephanie is transformational.”  

-Lisa Abernathy, owner Blue Heron Acupuncture & Apothecary, Licensed Acupuncturist, Diplomat of Chinese Medicine

GervaseCircle“Being coached by Stephanie is being fully seen, heard and loved. She can laser right in and see where you’re really struggling and help you lovingly come back to center. Her compassion and deep intuitive wisdom is something very special, and I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced it. On top of that, her understanding of the body and of food is something that someone like me is constantly in awe of! Having been more disconnected from my body since having babies, I always look to Stephanie first for ways to nourish my body that I won’t find anywhere online. She has a gift and a magical presence, and anybody would be incredibly lucky to work with her in ANY capacity.”  -Gervase Kolmos</32>


“The healing journey I took with Stephanie provided support and encouragement. As a team, we devised plans to fulfill my personal goals – and always moved at my pace, according to my needs. Stephanie was always fully present and brought her authentic self to each meeting. This helped create space for me to share my story with an open heart, which allowed our sessions to deepen and explore specific areas of my health that needed attention. With Stephanie’s guidance, I discovered what I truly needed to gain a more intimate partnership with my body, mind and health. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for teaching me how to listen to my body and create a partnership with her. Our work together has changed my relationship to myself and my life! For anyone considering Stephanie as a coach, my advice is GO FOR IT! You are worth it and you won’t regret it! ”   -Alyssia Valentin


“Stephanie’s compassion and dedication to wellness is truly inspiring! She introduced me to new ways to nourish my body and to foster my well-being. On the surface I’ve formed healthier habits, but deeper than that, I now have an awareness and desire to take care of myself as a whole person. And what an enjoyable journey — I’m so grateful for her guidance!”  -Lindsay Windham

“My world was changed with session one, but my soul was changed when I realized health was a complete circle. ” -Brittany


“Working with you, Stephanie, has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. My whole way of thinking about myself, my body, my eating, & my physical activity has changed; I can’t thank you enough. My biggest hope is that every woman can learn from you.” -Belinda Hare


“I am a full-time student and involved with A LOT. My schedule is insane. Last fall, I began having various health issues and Stephanie took me under her wing. My issues were mainly related to my diet and stress. I’ve been to almost every kind of doctor and none have helped me feel as healthy and energized as Stephanie has. I love her emphasis on holistic methods rather than writing another prescription for me to add to my list. She is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. To name a few of the ways she went above and beyond: she went grocery shopping with me to show me DOs and DON’Ts of the food world, would give me her research related to my many questions, taught me how to manage my time better, and the list goes on and on. All I can say is GO SEE HER!”  -Holly Beth Olsen


“Working with Stephanie provided me with the tools and knowledge to live a healthier, happier life, both physically and emotionally. Hectic is one word I use to describe my day to day, and also why I felt I could never find balance. Over the past five months, I’ve moved closer to the person I want to be. Stephanie is a real, genuine person, with an amazing spirit. She is awesome to work with; everyone would be so lucky to have her in her life!” -Whitney Hayes

“Stephanie literally changed my life. After two years of consistent abdominal pain her guidance through The Renewal Formula program freed me from the chains of discomfort. My skin glowed, you could set a clock by my digestion, and most importantly my stomach pain went away for good. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel their very best.”  -JB

“Stephanie knows more about food than anyone I know. I learned so much about food and how to make things work in my own home. I’m cooking now and able to come up with my own recipes. I am so grateful I did this!”


“Although I’m someone who is extremely knowledgeable about what constitutes a healthy diet and would choose a vegetable over a hamburger any day, I still had an unhealthy relationship with my food. Food was becoming extremely emotional for me, a coping mechanism for a break up, the pressures of pursuing a PhD and an attempt to heal my harsh self criticism towards my body. I reached out to Stephanie to help me break the cycle of emotional eating and truly practice wellness. She gave me new tools and alternative coping mechanisms that I still use today. She helped me not be so hard on myself, taught me to access my strengths and not overly criticize my weaknesses. She is brilliant, incredibly easy to talk to and I’m grateful for her everyday.” -Alexis Temkin


photo (2)“Stephanie Burg is a special and rare person. I am lucky enough to call her both my friend and my guide through all things regarding healthy and happy living. She is knowledgeable, kind, genuine, and puts so much energy into her clients. Stephanie respects the relationship we all have with ourselves, and helps to make that relationship the best it can be!”   -Lesley Carroll

lucy“Before meeting Stephanie, I was in desperate need of a lifestyle change. I wanted to know more about nutrition, fitness, and wanted to improve my overall health and well-being. I had the desire for change, but I did not know how to accomplish it. Stephanie was the perfect tool for change in my life. Through her encouragement, teaching, and genuine care for me, I can definitely say I am a much more knowledgeable, healthier, and happier me! Most importantly, she taught me that taking time for myself is a not a luxury; it is necessary for living a balanced life.”  -Lucy M.

photo (3)“Stephanie Burg is an amazing and beautiful person. Her heart glows warmly even through a distant phone coaching consultation. Stephanie’s support is steady and strong, yet kind and gentle at the same time. She is truly an expert in nutrition and dietary direction as well as life coaching. Stephanie demonstrates keeping the body fit through the love of passionate exercise and dance, as well as seeking and finding overall balance in relationships and and life in general. Stephanie is more than a coach to me, she has become a lifelong friend. She is capable of raising your life to a higher level of wellness and happiness, and I highly recommend working with Stephanie.”  -Lisa Rohde, owner Rogue Living, Organic Store

“Stephanie, I want to say how wonderful you are and how much you have helped me: find myself, find out and cope with my food intolerances; learn to deal with stress; change my eating habits; lose weight; lower blood pressure; help with my self esteem & self confidence. You have been a blessing in my life!  Forever grateful, Fran Cummings”

mrl“Last winter I was suffering from fatigue and realized I needed to make realistic diet changes to increase my energy. I began working with Stephanie and she pointed me in the right direction to achieve my goals.  I came to realize that my diet was lacking and connected to my drop in energy. One of my goals going into my sessions with Stephanie was to decrease my caffeine intake. I’ve drank coffee daily for the last 17 years and never thought it was possible to quit. Stephanie helped me achieve my goal and helped me to alter my relationship to caffeine. I now view it as a treat instead of a necessity.” -Melanie Masserant

I am full on obsessed with Stephanie’s meal plans. My husband and I try to keep a grain free household, but when left up to our own devices, we weren’t able to commit to it. With Stephanie’s gentle guidance and amazing meal plans, we’ve been able to make amazing, delicious food that our bodies are loving too.  – Becca Piastrelli,


Jessica White 1“The Renewal Formula is wonderful for anyone who wants to be or is already on a quest for vibrant, life-long, holistic health! With step-by-step help along the way, the Renewal Formula will meet you where you are with your body, and help take you where you want to be… Where you need to be. I’ve gained an empowered perspective on my own self-worth.  Renewing my relationship with food has surfaced other areas of my life that needed renewal: career…relationships… and more! Thank you Stephanie for pouring your heart’s light into the Renewal Formula to help others shine brightly with you!”  -Jessica Minahan White


Jessica Robertson 1“Before The Renewal Formula  I had tried many diets and went to several doctors. I had chronic digestive problems, skin issues, rashes, and the list goes on. Going into The Renewal Formula, I was skeptical that it would be just like the rest and not help any of my symptoms. Boy was I wrong! Not only is my digestion better, my skin is glowing, I love my body and what it does for me on a daily basis. Stephanie’s kind words of support and warm heart were just what I needed to keep going.  The program can be challenging at times but, If you are willing to put in the work this program can change your life. I know it has mine and I will be forever grateful for TRF!”  -Jessica Robertson

 Beth Curley“I highly recommend trying ‘The Renewal Formula’. Over the past 6 weeks that I’ve been following this program and, along with consistent exercise, I’ve now lost a total of 14 lbs! I feel energized, my body feels cleansed and overall I feel great. From this program I’ve learned what foods trigger a negative response in my body and what to avoid. I’m going to continue following this program as this is the best I’ve felt in years. Thank you Stephanie! ‘The Renewal Formula’ has definitely helped jump start my system and keep me heading in the direction I want to continue to go in with my overall health.” -Beth Curley

“I went into “The Renewal Formula” a little apprehensive– scared it would be too hard, too expensive, too limiting, but I found it extremely manageable and I found all kinds of foods that I now LOVE and look forward to eating every day. The online support from Stephanie and the other ladies in the group was absolutely invaluable. I cannot get over how good I feel and look…in only 6 weeks! I highly recommend this program for anyone who is unhappy with the way they feel or look, because those feelings will do a 180 after the program!”  -GS

“I am very thankful that I took a leap and joined the Renewal Formula group.  I never would’ve come this much further down the path without your support and the support of the group, including guest speakers. I have never experienced this kind of encouragement. When I have worked with nutritionists/coaches in the past it has been a positive experience but I now realize it was almost an isolating one, too.  I had no one to compare notes with or to vent to when it was tough going.  I wouldn’t want to go it alone again.” -Mary C.

Cara S“I chose to be a part of The Renewal Formula group because I was feeling like I was carrying around pounds and pounds of sludge. I hoped that I would feel lighter in my body and my mind; I didn’t care if I actually lost weight. I just wanted to feel better. TRF did the trick! I went through the program and got my desired effect. I wasn’t bloated anymore. I didn’t get headaches anymore. Overall, I had more energy. I learned what foods really effected how my body felt. My moods were considerably better. I also lost 20 pounds. I continued to follow the diet fairly closely afterward and continued to lose weight. I have to tip my hat to Stephanie! She offers wonderful support, whether it’s during our meetings or through text messages or Facebook. She is always there to help with questions, frustrations or joyous celebrations! It is a worthwhile program if you are ready to take the plunge and want to feel better!”  -Cara Smyczynski

“I not only lost 10 lbs, no longer suffer from reflux, no longer suffer from sciatic pain, I also no longer feel my “normal” base-line anxiety, (and I am ALWAYS anxious about something) all from making changes to my diet, eating real whole foods, and working with awesome coach Stephanie Burg! I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of better health this holiday season! I really can’t explain what a wonderful change this has made for me! Do it!!!!!!!”    -Shannon



“I got SO MUCH from our Body Love Breakthrough Session, in just one session, you helped me realize that it IS possible to be my best self.  You have a true gift.” -Alea McKinley

“A follow up to my time with you in The Renewal Formula– I have been taking medicine for my acne for about 18 months or so (most of my life I’ve taken something). A few months ago the dosage was changed again and I asked how long I would have to take it. I was told forever because I have “hormonal” acne. I began having symptoms about a month ago that were becoming significant. I am happy to say that because of my diet changes (dairy and gluten free) that I came off the medication on my own. My face has never looked or felt better.” -Kristen W.

“Being held accountable for my actions in a group setting helped me start and stay with the process. My husband lost 20 lbs and my tummy has never felt better.”  -LS

“I am making smarter food choices, have increased knowledge about food and how it is prepared, decreased stress with relaxation techniques, clearer skin, lost 7 lbs, and have way more energy.”  -KW

“I am eating SO much healthier across the board I just feel great. I am a solid 10lbs lighter and holding steady. That’s without my usual exercise regimen due to a strained back so I know it’s all about the food.”  -Jill G.

“This program has been wonderful! I have more energy. My enormous craving for sweets  have diminished greatly. I am experiencing more restful sleep. I have stopped drinking diet sodas.When I shop for groceries now, I look at processed foods as poison. I no longer want them. I have also lost 5 pounds. I not only feel better physically, but I feel an inner peace. Thank you very much, Stephanie. I am so glad I did this.” -Debbie H.

“I am amazed at how quickly the cleanse has passed. Even more amazing is how easy it was to follow the recommendations that resulted in more nutritious meals that were easy to make. Eating the recommended foods has resulted in me feeling more satisfied during the day without getting those hunger pangs that sent me to the kitchen in between meals and before bedtime. Without trying to do so, I have lost 4 pounds. I feel lighter, more energetic and happier with my food choices. Thanks so much for providing an easy to follow, satisfying program!!” -Donna M.

“Thanks to you and the cleanse I participated in last April I have learned better ways to take care of myself. I have continued to practice many of the lessons/ideas I gained from your cleanse. I feel strong, have much more energy and do not feel 63 years old.” -Deb