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1-On-1 Plant Medicine Preparation
& Integration Sessions

1 hr | $325

*All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable to other services.

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“The hero’s journey isn’t complete when they slay the dragon. The hero’s journey is only complete when they find the treasure and bring it back to their life and community and share it.”

Working with sacred Plant Medicines can be a truly liberating and deeply profound experience.  As the quote above implies, integration of these peak experiences is the true gift and blessing of working with the plants.

As Plant Medicines become increasingly popular, navigating this unregulated and often confusing space is essential. Proper preparation and integration support can make all the difference in your journey.


Preparation and Integration sessions with Stephanie are an opportunity for folks who are deeply called to work with Plant Medicines to “do the work” in a safe, ethical and trauma-informed way.


Each session is designed to help you fully prepare for your journey of meeting the medicine and/or provide you with an opportunity to receive guidance and support around the highly challenging work of creating true change through the integration process.

Topics related to Preparation & Integration we may cover:

+ How to best prepare for your work with Plant Medicines

+ Best practices for choosing a guide, group, retreat, or ceremonial experience that is safe, ethical, and trauma-informed

+ Best practices for Microdosing

+ Integrating all types of experiences- from profound and ecstatic to challenging and confusing

+ Integrating old patterns, past experiences, or conditioning that no longer serve you

+ Navigating beyond the afterglow / support through post-ceremony contraction

+ Navigating difficult emotions, grief, loss, anger, etc.

+ Trauma integration & inner child healing through a psychedelic lens

+ Embarking upon master plant diets

+ Much, much more!

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“Working with Stephanie has been truly transformational. Her ability to intuit and offer so much deep wisdom, as well as just be such a soft landing allowed for such incredible transformation to occur. She is a gift to the world and I am truly grateful for our paths to have crossed.”

- Kate LeSueur, Client


“Last week my therapist asked me when I felt the safest in my life. The immediate (and unexpected) response was the day of and following day after my ceremony with Stephanie.

I chose to step into ceremony because the traditional tools were no longer working. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced almost every possible type of intense trauma. And tbh, I was terrified. But Stephanie held the most sacred, safe, sovereign space imaginable. Because of the quality of the container she created, I was able to explore the deep crevasses of my psyche that eluded me — even as a healer myself.

Stephanie provided the tools to integrate the lessons into my life. It’s been a year and I continue to evolve and self-actualize as a result of our time together. Stephanie is the ultimate space holder, wise sage, and friend. There’s no one else I’d rather journey with.”

- Bethany, Client

“To be so thoughtfully, consciously and lovingly guided by Stephanie was the transformational gift of a lifetime. I was held and supported in a way I have never experienced prior and through this experience I was able to learn why I am here, in this body on this planet now.”

- Lauren Johnson, Client

*All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable to other services.

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Curious about working with me longer term? I do offer discounted 6 or 12 session packages, for former clients who inquire and we agree it’s a good fit. If you’re interested in longer term support, start by booking a few sessions and we’ll see how we flow together.

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