My Top 10 Summer Wellness Products

While summer is winding to a close for many parts of the US, here in Charleston, SC and the Southern Hemisphere, we still have several weeks of heat to look forward to.

With temperatures + humidity wreaking havoc on one’s sense of comfort and style, Summer in the South can be brutal. Throw in an abundance of social gatherings complete with boozy cocktails and not-so-healthy food; travel, concerts and longer hours of daylight to fill, and it’s no wonder we feel out of sorts come Fall… with a few extra blemishes and lbs. to show for it!

Over the last decade, I’ve made it a practice to find the ways I can enhance my Summer experience and embrace the heat with health and style.

While many of the products listed below can be completely enjoyed year round, here are my 10 favorite wellness-related products of Summer 2017 (in no particular order):

  1. Coco Hydro Sport Organic Coconut Water Electrolyte Mix. A high performance electrolyte drink mix made from certified organic coconut water powder, mineral rich sea salt and trace minerals, Coco Hydro has travelled the world with me.  This drink mix is a great way to stay hydrated on the go with excellent quality organic ingredients and no added sugar. Gluten-free and vegan, Coco Hydro is available in 4 flavors including Lemon-lime, Original, Pomegranate-Raspberry & my personal favorite, Pineapple.

  2. Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Shower Gel. Since time immemorial, roses have been a symbol of love, receptivity, and compassion. A heart-opener, the essence of rose can be used to elevate one’s mood and assist in clearing any blocks one may have around giving and receiving love. Due to it’s anti-inflammatory & cooling properties, this rose shower gel is a perfect addition to your Summer hygiene routine, especially when feeling overstimulated or emotionally heavy. And it smells incredible!

  3. Heritage Store Rose Water. A powerful addition to your skincare routine, Rose Water is an excellent way to hydrate, help control excess oil, and strengthen and regenerate skin cells.You can spritz anywhere on your face or body to refresh skin and elevate mood. I love using right after the shower. Additionally, this particular brand of Rose Water carries a high energetic vibration, and can be used to clear stagnation, heaviness, sadness or negativity from your home or office. Simply spritz anywhere you feel needs a boost.

  4. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Green Tea Sunblock. A good sunblock is a must for the Summer and this one is my favorite. It’s not greasy and applies easily, not to mention it’s water resistant, biodegradable, and gluten-free. With green tea antioxidants and soothing aloe vera, this sunblock also comes recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is 100% vegetarian with no animal testing, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances and extremely well-priced for its quality.

  5. CocoMe Bodystick. I adore this product for many reasons, the top of the list being it’s versatility. This coconut oil and beeswax moisturizer can be used on the whole body–face, lips, etc. It’s organic and keeps your suitcase light and organized while traveling because it minimizes the number of products you have to pack! This stick was a godsend on my recent trip to Peru where the climate and altitude made my skin especially dry. It came all the way to the top of Machu Picchu’s 8k foot elevation with me.

    Insider tip: Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, suggests a bit of oil rubbed inside the nostrils at the onset of a cold to help alleviate symptoms and minimize the length of the cold. This body stick can be used for that as well.

  6. Eminence Balancing Masque Duo. When heat and humidity are at their peak, it may feel especially challenging to keep your skin clear and blemish free. This mask is amazing in that it contains two separate products– a purifying & cooling clay mask that gently draws out impurities without drying the skin and a moisturizing & balancing mask for uneven spots in your complexion. Use it a couple times a week, or at the end of a long day in the sun to keep your complexion glowing.

  7. Green Vibrance greens powder. With longer days, travel, backyard barbecues and the like, many people tend to fall off track when it comes to healthy choices. Greens powders are an easy way to counteract the ill effects of eating and drinking too much. They’re excellent to have on hand (along with a good quality probiotic) to infuse your diet with a lot of nutrients quickly. With raw superfoods and a well-rounded panel of antioxidants, grasses, fruits, veggies, sea vegetables and herbs, Green Vibrance is a perfect choice for a greens powder because it provides trace nutrients for every cell in the body.  My only suggestion for this is to be sure to add it to a smoothie rather than drink on its own as the taste is not for everyone.

  8. Lovebug Probiotics Here’s the Skinny. Everyone faces digestive difficulties from time to time and having a good quality probiotic on hand is a game changer. When traveling and/or eating out, adding a regular probiotic to your regime can help protect your digestion from poor quality food, parasites and bad bacteria that make us sick. ‘Here’s the Skinny’ contains a powerful blend of probiotics designed to restore our gut health by repopulating the microbiome with beneficial bacteria, helping us decrease our risk of disease, bolster weight loss and increase happiness. I’ve recently discovered this brand and love that they are a female owned company with an emphasis on keeping families healthy. And all supplements are gluten-free and non-GMO.

  9. Adagio Loose Leaf Coconut Black Tea. A tropical twist on regular ol’ black tea, this one is a new favorite. On those days when lots of cold drinks are necessary, this tea is delicious over ice with a little almond milk and a bit of natural sweetener (i.e. honey or stevia). It’s also great by itself and the coconut flavor is perfect for a Summer afternoon on the porch. Adagio Tea also makes a huge selection of uniquely flavored teas, from white and green to black and oolong. It’s worth a visit to their site just to browse.

  10. Zen Ziva The Chocolate Scrub. An exquisite, hand crafted, “love your body” polish made on Maui, this product has been a favorite of mine for years. In fact, I love it so much, I often include it in welcome gifts for my private clients. Made with organic & Hawaiian chocolate, coffee, and sandalwood oil, this scrub takes luxury to a whole new level. It smells and feels amazing on the skin and is incredible for gently exfoliating and polishing the skin. It’s suggested to use the scrub somewhere in nature for a body loving ritual. I love using it during a day at the beach and have found that it actually helps keep sand off!

We don’t always require a complete overhaul or detox to get back on track, instead, we can prioritize small acts of self-care, inspired by high quality products like these, to renew and rejuvenate our sense of self.  I’ve found that simple additions like the ones above can make all the difference in how our bodies (and minds) feel when our routines get shaken up.

I’d LOVE to hear from you. How are you keeping your cool this Summer? Is there a Summer product you’re loving this year? How are you enhancing your mind, body, or spirit right now? Leave a comment below and share your favorite suggestions with us!


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    Hi Steph!

    Love what you wrote about the chocolate scrub, so very grateful to be one of your top ten wellness products:) Thank you so much! xx

    • Reply August 29, 2017


      Andrea! Thank you for the work you’re doing in the world. The scrub is one of my absolute favorite products EVER! Sending so much love.

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