I’m SO EXCITED about this!

Hi love!

Stephanie here.  I’ve been patiently waiting all week to announce this and want to share some BIG news with you.  I am SO excited!

For the first time since August, my doors are officially OPEN for one-on-one clients to begin the week of January 15, 2018!

For the last two years, my 5-month one-on-one coaching program, Love the Body You Call Home, has operated on a wait list due to high demand and a limited number of spaces.

And today, I’m EXCITED to share I currently have 4 spaces available for Private Coaching January through May of 2018.

As my work continues to grow and I’m called to work with women in bigger ways and larger groups, these private client spaces fill up quickly.  I anticipate these spots will too.

I’m also offering a very special discount until November 30th. (see below for details)

Private Coaching is the most intimate, supported and impactful way to work with me.  It’s also some of my very favorite work in the world.

If you’ve been struggling with your body and your weight for a while now, trying everything on your own to no avail….

If you know what you need to be doing but just aren’t doing it…

If you’re frustrated and uncomfortable about how you look and feel…

If you struggle with emotionally charged eating…

…and you long to feel BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, LIGHT, and FREE in your body and have a consistently healthy relationship to food…

I’d love to support you in creating true freedom from your struggles with weight, your body and food.  Helping women heal these issues is my super power.  It would be an honor to make magic with YOU.

I love working with women who are ambitious and incredibly successful in all areas of their life, yet when it comes to their body and food, they feel lost, stuck or confused.

There is light, ease and clarity through the darkness, love.

I adore working with women who are kind, open-minded, and committed to creating an amazing life for themselves and their families.

These women know that when they thrive, those around them do too.

I love supporting women who long to trust their intuition more fully and to allow their body to be the gateway to experiencing a beautiful life.

Because, I believe that:

  • All women have the ability to feel confident and beautiful in their bodies.
  • Food is our life force and should be honored and enjoyed as such (which means  enjoying foods you love).
  • When a woman loves the body she lives in, she can create the life she was born to lead…the one she’s always dreamed of.

If you feel like one of these 4 spots belongs to you, please schedule a 1-hour Body Love Breakthrough Session ($150) so we can explore options, availability and whether partnering together feels like a good fit.

In this session, we will look at your biggest challenges, what could be stopping you from feeling truly at home in your body and my professional recommendations for the next steps on your journey. You’ll walk away with greater clarity and inspiration on your next steps whether we decide to continue our journey together or not.

SPECIAL OFFER: From now until November 30 I’m offering $500 off the cost of 5-month coaching for women who are ready to take action NOW.

*If we decide to work together, your initial investment of $150 will be applied to your private coaching program and if you register before November 30 you’ll receive an additional $500 off the cost of your program investment.

If this is you, let’s chat.

The Details:

What you can expect from our time together:

In 5 months, you will:

  • Create true freedom from punishing diets and perfectionistic tendencies.
  • Reconnect to the wisdom of your body.
  • Learn how to bring mind, body, spirit and science together to create true alignment and nourishment from the inside out.
  • Make real change, sustainable change from the inside out.
  • Get right to the heart of what’s keeping you from having a body you love.
  • Create a healthy, empowering and nourishing relationship to food and your body for life.
What’s included in Private Coaching:

Love the Body You Call Home (5 months):

  • Virtual Welcome packet, Getting Started materials + access to private Member’s Area at StephanieBurgCoaching.com
  • 10-60 minute sessions (2 per month for 5 months)
  • 10- Full sets of notes, handouts, resources, recipes + recommendations after each session so you know exactly what to do to achieve your unique goals
  • 3-30 minute Speed Dial Sessions for emergencies and additional support
  • Ongoing support in between sessions via email for those moments you need additional cheerleading or support
  • Body Love care package with special surprise gifts mailed to you because…GIFTS!
  • Access to past courses and programs that will offer additional support to you on your journey (Value $50-$1000 depending upon program)
  • Inclusion in current group programs during 5 month period for added support and kick-ass community
  • Personalized compiled reading list to support you on your journey
  • Tons of tips about where to eat, where to shop, what to buy, what to cook, best supplements (and where to buy them at the best value), etc.

There are currently 4 spaces available for private coaching for the first time since August 2017.  Does one of them belong to you, love?

*If we decide to work together, your initial investment of $150 for a Body Love Breakthrough Session will be applied to your private coaching program and if you register before November 30 you’ll receive an additional $500 off the cost of your program investment.

We begin in January and go through May of 2018.

I’m so excited to see who shows up for this incredible journey!

With love,

P.S.  I am currently fully booked through December except for Body Love Breakthrough Sessions.  If you’d like to explore working together beginning January 15th, You can book yours here.

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