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For the last year and a half, I’ve been working with a truly remarkable woman.  This week, we had our final session and I’m feeling SO inspired and PROUD of her for the progress that she’s made.

A woman of multiple talents, Annie is lighthouse— the type of person whose energy is effervescent, elevating those around her to a vibration of pure joy. This woman knows what she wants and how to have FUN.

A breast cancer survivor, 5 years in remission, when Annie was faced with her mortality, she chose to LIVE, full out with abandon, embracing the many gifts available to her without apology– traveling the world, attending amazing social events replete with delicious food and heavy drink, embracing career opportunities that came her way, and having more fun in general.

But as is the case for most people, even after life altering events, we have the tendency to fall back into patterns we create as a response to life’s circumstances.

We are, after all, humans, and our growth and change is a never ending process.

When Annie and I began working together, she told me she missed her old body, “the one with the thinner waist and great arms”, but no matter what she did over the past two years, her weight continued to go up and up and up, without her doing anything differently to cause it.  

While food was an absolute passion of hers as a trained chef and self-proclaimed foodie, Annie longed to see changes in inches lost without letting any of her responsibilities fall by the wayside…

As a high achieving woman who worked long hours in her current career, Annie was used to staying at work until everything on her to do list was finished, eating candy and sweets as the hours passed, only to find herself ravenous and exhausted by day’s end.

With the stress of making a decent dinner looming on top of her other responsibilities,  the last thing she typically felt like doing at the end of the day was cooking something healthy…

On the weekends, her meals were late and abundant, a celebration for getting through the week and an opportunity to indulge and spend time with her girlfriends.

As many of us can relate, maintaining balance + health with work, travel, and so much else going on often felt like an uphill battle.

This week during our last session, Annie reflected, “I had done things one way for so long, I was ready for something new. I am a firm believer in the power of this work. I like where my head is at now.”

Annie recalled a day early into our work when she’d begun to find her FLOW within the changes she was making, her body reflecting her newfound focus on whole person wellness, “I felt so LIGHT and HAPPY and it’s still there.  Even with the circumstances of my life and work not really changing, I still feel light and I still feel happy.”

Over the course of our year and a half together, Annie:

Lost 11+ lbs.  

Began to relate to food, eating and her body in a whole new way.  

Is meditating and has integrated movement into her life as an enjoyable non-negotiable.

Annie began to see her health and well-being as one of life’s joys too, not a painful or punishing task she “should be doing”.  

Wellness, as she now practices it, has become a part of the FUN she so readily embraces.  And her friends cannot believe the change in her radiance, her vitality and her body either.

Together, Annie and I created a way of being that emphasized presence and mindfulness in the areas of life she was challenged by.

We made sure that her meals and snacks included nutrient dense foods while still being beautiful and pleasurable.  (As a result, Annie recently noted that she no longer eats candy and her sugar cravings are completely gone.)

I guided Annie to put food back into its rightful place in her life– as nourishment and fuel for her desires and ambition– instead of the main source of pleasure she practiced.  We consistently evaluated the areas of her lifestyle and belief systems that were getting in the way.  

Annie has found the elements we focused on so much, overall wellness and self-connection, have given new meaning to her entire life.

When our bodies thrive, WE thrive.  All over the place. With abandon.

I was recently thinking about thriving health on a grocery store trip with my husband…

As I was selecting beautiful, organic produce and nutrient-dense superfoods and placing them into my cart, an older gentleman remarked: “Wow, you’ve got a lot of really great veggies in there!

Yep”, I replied. “That’s how we do it!

And it’s true.  In that moment, I felt so much gratitude for the journey.  The gradual progression over time that has led me to integrate health as a main priority in my life.  What used to feel like an unhealthy obsession and uphill battle of good and bad foods, is now my way of being.  It is today, how I live and breathe after years of just the opposite–struggle, shame, yo-yo dieting and emotional eating.

I, too, am a firm believer in the power of this work.

When a woman loves the body she calls home, she embraces her power to create an amazing life for herself.  

Annie’s is just one of many stories like hers.  We, women, have spent far too much time challenged by our weight and relationship to food.  It is one of the main ways we limit ourselves from having everything we want in life and more…  

There is so much more to us than food obsession and weight struggles.  There is LIFE, begging for us to jump in with two feet and experience it.

For the past 5 years, I have worked with hundreds of women around the world to feel beautiful in their bodies, create healthy relationships to food and embrace the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of living.

I teach women a NEW way of relating to their bodies.  A way that brings mind, body, spirit and science together to create true alignment and nourishment from the inside out.   

I’d love to support you on this journey too, love.

For the first time since August 2017, I currently have 3 spaces available for private coaching January through May of 2018.

If you’re ready to STOP the diet craziness and step into true freedom with your body and food, please schedule a 1-hour Body Love Breakthrough Session ($150) so we can explore options, availability and whether partnering together feels like a good fit.

In this session, we will look at your biggest challenges, what could be stopping you from feeling truly at home in your body and my professional recommendations for the next steps on your journey.

You’ll walk away with greater clarity and inspiration on your next steps whether we decide to continue our journey together or not.

*If we decide to work together, your initial investment of $150 will be applied to your private coaching program.

Do one of these spots belong to you, love?

I invite you to love the body you call home,




“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Definitely NOT Stephanie Burg. Stephanie is as lovely as she is beautiful and as smart as she is lovely. I am 68 and through working with her I have literally changed my life. She provides guidance and new ways of approaching the food challenges of every day life, of not so everyday life, of social events, of parties and of travel and every situation and place where food can be a challenge as well as a delight. My skin is radiant, my teeth are whiter and I look at stressors both big and small in a whole new way. She is worth every penny and then some.”
-Annie Stone


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