Want to dance with me?

The thing I love most about dancing is the way I feel during and after– expressed, free, clear, light, joyful, alive.

It’s a feeling I’ve missed so much now that dancing isn’t my job and something I’m engaged in every day.

So, when a couple of years ago, I took my first Embody dance class, I knew I had found something really special. Created by one of my dearest friends and true Soul Family members, Nadia Munla, Embody brought me home to my soul’s favorite form of expression, but in a whole new way.

You see, while I’d trained for decades in classical ballet and spent over a decade earning a living as a professional ballet dancer, rarely did I get to move the way I wanted to, unconfined by technique and appearances

In ballet, there is a right and a wrong way of doing things, all done while striving for an ideal of perfection that is quite simply unattainable and a little crazy making at times. There were many times I’d feel frustrated and disappointed with myself no matter how “good” anyone told me I was.

In my humble opinion, many professional dancers today come pretty close to this perfect ideal, although I’m sure they’d disagree.  But I’ve often but left wondering about the average person, especially women, who long to feel free, sensual, bold, feminine, light and strong through dance but feel intimidated, out of shape, or that they simply don’t know enough to go to a typical dance class.  

What about that part of the population and their body’s unique expression? What about my own, now that I’m not training 8+ hours each day? We should not be denied the sheer pleasure of movement and expression that only dance can provide!

Enter Embody:

A way for women and anyone who identifies as a woman, to connect to her own body’s unique voice, as she is, sans technique.  

Without having to stare in the mirror or be critiqued.

A way to channel the movement, innate to one’s body and soul, in a way that is uniquely YOU, without the frills and fuss of codified dance mediums.

At once powerful and deeply transformative, Embody has allowed me (and the dozens of women who’ve experienced it), to step more fully into feeling free and more at home in my body (and myself), while also providing all of the sweat inducing, mood boosting benefits of any good workout.

I believe that when a woman has a deep and loving relationship with her body, that she embraces her power to live the life of her dreams. And I believe movement is essential to this connection.

Movement in our bodies creates movement in our lives and that’s why am thrilled, deeply honored and giddy with delight to announce that I am now teaching and offering Embody dance classes as a new and impactful arm of my work.

I’m teaching my first public class on January 20 in Charleston, SC and you can find out all the details as well as reserve your spot HERE.

Space is limited to 12 women and I anticipate these spots going quickly.

I would absolutely love for one of them to be yours.

Click here to save your spot by registering.

I can’t wait to dance with you!!

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