If you want to love your body, watch this

I’m SO excited and deeply honored to share an interview I’ve been waiting for months to bring. I have a feeling that this conversation will cause you to experience some dramatic shifts in how you relate to your body.

My guest today has helped me to create huge impact in my relationship to my body and has profoundly informed how I work with clients. In this interview you’ll see why.

Today’s interview is with Pleasurable Weight Loss expert and one of my favorite teachers on the subject of Body Confidence, Jena la Flamme.

If you’re ready to dive into Jena’s wisdom, you can watch her interview here.

Jena’s unique approach to weight loss and lifestyle have made her a much sought-after teacher. She has been featured in Elle, Glamour, The New York Times and Prevention magazine to name a few.

Jena is a revolutionary role model for women. During her 10 year struggle with food, weight, and bad body image, Jena despised her body and was highly suspicious of pleasure. This lasted until she discovered that her issue wasn’t that she was having too much pleasure, it was that she wasn’t having enough! As she learned to trust the wisdom of her body and to trust pleasure, she came to peace with food. Her figure and her body image transformed.

In this interview Jena talks about the common story many women carry around their body — the hatred, shame and self-criticism that plague so many of us — creating a dysfunctional relationship with food and overall feelings of failure.

Have you ever felt that losing weight would solve all of your problems? That once you hit a certain size, THEN you’d be happy? I know I have.

But Jena also shares HOW Body Confidence does not come with weight loss, that weight loss comes only after you feel confident in your body.

In the one powerful action step Jena asks you to take today, she talks about the pleasurable way you can begin creating a better relationship with your body and food, now.

Jena’s insight is incredibly powerful. She empowers women to view their bodies in a much more honoring light. I think you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Watch Today’s video and meet Jena NOW!

One of the things I teach in my 5-month Private Coaching program, Love the Body You Call Home, is how to make pleasure a priority in your lifestyle so you feel more confident in your body and create a healthier relationship with food. (If you’re curious, the link to read more about my private coaching program is on today’s video page.)

Jena’s interview truly highlights the power of pleasure and how living and eating with pleasure can make such a huge impact on our lives and our bodies.

Watch Today’s Video and get ready to embrace pleasure for a body you truly love.


“See” you in the interview!!

With (body) love,

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