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This is an invitation to start a new canvas – even the messy, not-so pretty parts – and paint the love story that leads to your fullest expression of womanhood.


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“Working with Stephanie actually changed my life.

With her loving and compassionate coaching, she helped me to be happy with the person I saw in the mirror. I would recommend working with her to any woman who wants to change her story from one of guilt, judgment, and "shoulds" to one of love, compassion, and endless possibilities.”

- Georgia Schrubbe, Client

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I believe that your  life is your greatest work of art. 

And that when you know this at the deepest levels of your being, even the messy, painful chapters of life become part of your love story to yourself.


Some of my greatest influences have been heart-centered, visionary artists and leaders who gave everything to break free from societal norms and limitations to share their gifts with the world and uplift humanity with their voices, bodies, and devotion to healing.

Understanding the body is my  gift

Breath, Movement, and Earth activism are my medicines.

I am an intuitive andEmpath

A traumaSurvivor

And a proudIntrovert

And working with me is like Upgrading your operating system.



I stand at the gate of women's full bloom- their ripened, radiance.


I know that you and I are here to be the guiding force of a brave, new paradigm- a legacy in which our fullest expression of womanhood creates the change we wish to see and BE in the world.


This is deep, transformative work that cannot be done through the mind alone. It must be remembered, reclaimed, accessed, and healed through the body and soul. ⁣

Together, our work liberates you from trauma, past conditioning, old storylines, and everything the world tells you you should or shouldn’t be.



I serve women on the verge of greatness- whether you’re ready to live as your True Self or know you are meant for more in life.  I’m here to help you align with your strength and courage and alchemize whatever is keeping you from being the woman you most want to be.


My clients are multi-passionate women who, by connecting to their inner worlds, somatic wisdom, and deeper truths, are empowered to heal, grow, and turn their greatest visions into reality.

I believe that when a woman utilizes her feminine strengths, she can create a great impact on her family and lineage, community, lifestyle, and more importantly, the world.




My work has been featured in media and publications such as ABC News, Colorado Public Radio, Dance Magazine, Bustle, MindBody Green, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, The Post & Courier, and I was selected as Charleston City Paper's "Ones to Watch", as well as one of Charleston, SC’s “50 Most Progressive” celebrating the most forward-thinking individuals having a positive impact on the future of Charleston.


Trauma-Informed, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Certified Transformational Life Coach,⁣ Somatic Healing & Embodiment, Certified Breathwork Facilitator ⁣ Shamanic Apprentice, Plant Medicine, and Herbalism Apprentice, Sacred Circle Facilitator⁣

I believe your body is  Holy

Authenticity is much more powerful than performance.

Emotions are the gateway toIntuition

Natureis our greatest teacher.

Slow isSexy


WE ARE THE Liberation


I envision a future where embodied women lead. Where our hearts and intuition are consulted for major global decisions.

Where nature is protected with sacred reverence, and all cultures are celebrated and honored.

I dream of a world where our health is valued and cared for as much as our money, and our children are taught to love and honor their bodies, no matter the shape, size, gender expression, or color they come in. 

And I believe that creating a kinder, more compassionate, and inclusive future starts with us, the women of today.

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“Until I started working with Stephanie. I had been secretly struggling with diet and body image issues since late high school and never had the strength to ask for help. Through Stephanie, I now have a mind/body awareness that allows me to enjoy each and every second of the day. I have conquered old habits, and have learned the ability to listen to my body, and actually understand what it wants.  I now have the confidence in myself that I wouldn’t have had 6 months ago, even a year ago. I find that through Stephanie’s program and the changes I’ve made, I have the energy of a kid again.  I never thought that I would be able to have a relationship with my body that I do now.”


WITH DEEP Gratitude

I honor my teachers and mentors who have loved and supported me with their passion, wisdom, vision, and teachings. Thank you to:

Joshua Rosenthal

Nisha Moodley

Cora Poage 

Javier Reguiero

David Elliott

Marysia Miernowska

Hiro Boga

Carol Cottrell

Nai Kaya

Nadia Munla

Ginny Muir

Shelby Leigh


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