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Breathwork Audio Journeys


The invitation is reconnection - 

~ To the part of you that is whole and complete. 
~ To the part of you that knows all of the answers you’re seeking are already inside of you. 
~ To the part of you that is always connected to Spirit, the Divine, Universal Life Force Energy - the One energy that flows through all things.
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The Breathwork technique used in these guided audio journeys facilitates the release of strong emotions like anger, sadness, grief, anxiety, pain and heartache. It can also help you to feel more open-hearted, courageous, comfortable and at home in your body, while helping you to trust yourself and your intuition more fully. 
As you breathe you literally bring life force energy into your body with increased oxygen flow which supports you to feel lighter, clearer, and completely recharged.  
Whether we've breathed together many times or haven't yet met, my hope is that these recordings support you wherever you're needing it most.  May the breath flood your heart and soul with love and healing as you deepen your connection to yourself, to Spirit, and to your body.

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Embodied Love ~

A Guided Breathwork Journey with the Spirit of the Rose

This beautiful breath journey with the spirit of the rose was created with the intention to support the expansion of your heart. 


If you’re longing to ~


+ Heal grief and heartache

+ Foster deeper self-love & compassion  

+ Welcome more love into your life 

+ Release anger and sadness 

+ Cultivate forgiveness

+ Give your heart more kindness and nourishment during trying times

+ Practice greater self-care


Our journey together will explore how to build resilience within your nervous system so that you may live and lead with a kinder, more open heart. 


May this journey feel like a soft landing place, a giant exhale, whenever you need more loving care or want to release heaviness that may be weighing you down.

Embodied Love Includes:

~ Breathwork Tutorial Video

~Introduction to Journey with the Rose

~ Guided Audio Journey


The tutorial video is in .mp4 format and the audios are in .mp3 format.

Breathwork Healing: Coming Home to Yourself

If you’re seeking a deeper spiritual connection, emotional healing, or simply desire to unwind from daily pressures and stress, I’ve created an audio offering to support you - Breathwork Healing: Coming Home to Yourself.  


This audio offering is intended to guide you to return home to yourself again and again, whenever you need it most.

Coming Home to Yourself is a bundle of pre-recorded Breathwork Healing Journeys including:


~ Breathwork Tutorial Video 

~ Daily Practice Audio 

~ Breathwork for Hope & Healing

~ Finding Comfort During Uncertain Times

~ Feeling at Home in Your Body


The tutorial video is in .mp4 format and the audios are in .mp3 format.

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