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Healing Journey

How to Prepare for Your Journey

Welcome! I’m delighted you’re joining us for our upcoming Breathwork Healing Journey. 

As you prepare for our time together, I’ve created some helpful guidance to help you get the most out of your journey.

Please pay special attention to two of the most important ways to prepare:

  1. Creating a sacred space for yourself to dive in 

  2. Setting a clear and powerful intention for what you’d like to receive


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 ✦ Create a sacred space where you may comfortably lie down for the entirety of the session. This can be a couch, bed, padded floor, rug, or yoga mat. Ideally, you'll be lying flat on your back with your legs uncrossed and no pillow under your head to make sure your throat is open and to allow your breath and energy to flow, unrestricted.

*If lying flat on your back is uncomfortable due to pregnancy, injury, etc., you are welcome to breathe in a way that is most comfortable for you. You may want to lie on your side or stay seated and you are welcome to have a pillow to use as a bolster under your knees. If you need additional neck support, only a very thin or small pillow is recommended.

 Please log in from a quiet space with no distractions, where you will be undisturbed for the duration of our session. You may want to inform anyone else in your house that you’re doing a Breathwork Journey and need uninterrupted space to do so. Pets are welcome and often love to assist with your healing.

✦ You may want to light a candle, burn some blessing herbs, diffuse some essential oils (Eucalyptus is wonderful), or have any items of comfort nearby (i.e. special photos, minerals or gemstones, anything you wish to bless with your breath). This is a beautiful opportunity to infuse them with the energy we create together.

You may want to have the following items with you:

✦ Journal and pen
✦ A blanket to keep you warm and cozy
✦ Eye pillow or eye mask to help you drop in
✦ A pillow to release sound into 
✦ Water bottle
✦ Tissues 


 ✦ Set a clear and specific intention for what you’d like to receive during your journey. The energy of intention is one of the most powerful in the universe. The more clear you can become about your intentions before we journey, the more potent your experience will be.

✦ Where in my life am I feeling challenged, heavy, stuck, or unclear?

✦ What am I seeking- clarity, peace, abundance? Why? 
✦ What would feel like a miracle in my life were it to happen right now? 
✦ What is my intention for this Breathwork Healing Journey? 


 ✦ Please wear anything you feel cozy and comfortable in. We’ll be lying down for the breath and I find clothing that is soft, warm, and unrestrictive to be the best fit.

 ✦ Please intend to have your camera ON as you breathe. Please position your camera at the side of your body so that you are visible from the waist up. This will make sure that you’re able to be guided and supported in the best way possible.

 ✦ For evening journeys, please allow for some light in your space (i.e. a lamp or keeping the lights on). I recommend using an eye mask to cover your eyes. 

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Our Breathwork Healing Journey will take place from 5-6:30 PM ET.

Immediately following our journey, we'll have space for Community Sharing from 6:30-7 PM ET.

 Our Community Sharing time is optional but highly recommended as the insights shared and connections made are truly powerful!
I’m so looking forward to sharing this time with you! Please share any questions you may have with us at, otherwise, I’ll see you soon!
With love,


Breathwork is powerful, life-changing work.

If you are pregnant, have a history of seizures, or are post-surgery of any kind, please consult with your physician to determine whether this practice would be appropriate for you.

*Please note that there is no holding of the breath during this practice.

Breathwork is not recommended entirely if you have:
~ Severe asthma 
~ Severe untreated PTSD or trauma
~ Diagnosis of an aneurysm in the brain or abdomen

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