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If you have questions or need to contact us at any time, please reach out to


Body & Soul Medince Sessions

Zoom Info

Meeting ID: 858 317 3212


Voxer Guidelines

In-between session support via Voxer

  • Please keep audio messages between sessions to under 5 minutes. Please gather your thoughts before sending an audio text and do your best to be concise with your messages.  

  • I ask this for two reasons:  1) the longer an audio message is, the more difficult it is for me to keep track of exactly how / what you desire support with and 2) sometimes, what you bring forward will likely deserve the attention, care, exploration and sacred space of a session.  Voxer, while helpful, is not designed to be a substitute for sessions.

  • Coach & Client agree to allow for up to 3 Voxer messages in between scheduled sessions.

  • As your Coach, I want to be there for you to the best of my abilities. If your message is urgent/emergency, please note that before leaving the audio message so that I may prioritize it.  Otherwise, I will respond to audio messages within 48-72 hrs during weekdays.


  • If something urgent arises in between sessions that requires more than 3x 5 minutes of voice texting, we are happy to schedule an additional session for you at a prorated rate.


After-Session Care Suggestions

Use these suggestions to support your self-care after 1:1 sessions.  


If you begin to feel exhausted, irritable, or especially tender surrounding our sessions, this is absolutely normal and may be a sign that your entire system - mind, body, spirit- could use some extra love and support.



Book Recommendations

Suggested reading & beloved books to support your journey.

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Grounding & Centering Practice


For connecting to your own energy and releasing the energies of others. Great to do at the beginning and/or end of your day.

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Connecting to Your Wholeness Meditation


This is a guided practice to connect to the part of you that is resilient, wise, and deeply in tune with universal life force energy. It will support you to return to what is real and deeply true within your body, your spirit, and the present moment. Drop out of the busyness of your mind and into relaxation and calm.

Breathwork Healing Journeys.png

Breathwork Audios

Breathwork Healing: Coming Home to Yourself


If you’re seeking a deeper spiritual connection, emotional healing, or simply desire to unwind from daily pressures and stress, these 4 audio journeys are intended to guide you to return home to yourself again and again, whenever you most need.

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Embodied Love:

A Guided Breathwork Journey with the Spirit of the Rose


Our journey together will explore how to build resilience within your nervous system so that you may live and lead with a kinder, more open heart.  May this journey feel like a soft landing place, a giant exhale, whenever you need more loving care or want to release the heaviness that may be weighing you down.

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