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A soft space to land when you lack clarity and desire support...

When I started leading women’s groups 8 years ago, I noticed that something magical happened each time we gathered… Time seemed to stop as we created embodied presence with one another and no matter what was going on in our lives outside, there was a sense of collective remembrance and belonging that emerged. Every time. When kindred spirits come together, something innately healing occurs~ For women especially, our ability to connect with each other, explore our inner worlds together, and be supported in our journey to become the purposeful, wise women we aspire to be brings about the level of clarity and self-trust that doesn’t happen anywhere else. For years, I personally have had circles of support surrounding me as I’ve navigated the most difficult and most incredible times in my life. And I’ve noticed how much easier it is to navigate the ups and downs of life when surrounded and supported by like-hearted women than when I’m not. Experiences, where growth, healing, and self-inquiry are the centerpiece of our gatherings, are the alchemy, I believe, women of today desperately need to become fully expressed. We don’t need more content from external sources to clutter our minds. We’re bombarded with so much outside noise, information, and media as it is. We don’t need another "guru" preaching that their way is the best way forward. We have so much wisdom inside of us and our bodies, already. We don’t need another product, e-course, or curriculum to add to our busyness. So many of us long to live and breathe what we already know in our bodies and bones. This is why I’ve created Ripen. Ripen is a soft space to land, be with other incredible women and explore your inner world. It is a sanctuary to tend to your heart and soul with sacred intention and feminine embodiment and to gather together, in-person, for rest, rejuvenation, and retreating in nature. It is a space of integration, of listening deeply and receiving support and guidance to bring our individual & collective visions into being. Ripen is for the woman ready and willing to go deep and tend to what is growing and emerging within her now, after one of the most uncertain times in our collective history. Ripen is a place of transformation. A space of collective nourishment. An initiation into what it means to be in full bloom- radiant, ripe, and ready to steward our families, communities, and world into a brave, new paradigm. A paradigm in which our fullest expression of womanhood creates the change we wish to see and to BE in the world. If you have been wanting to work with me 1:1, this will be the last opportunity to do so for the rest of the year as I’m focusing my energy and intention into curating this incredible experience for you. If you're ready for a journey of depth and delight, we are ready for you, sister! All details and information can be found here. We begin on the Summer Solstice, June 20, 2021. This is the most powerful work I am holding for the rest of this year, and if you are feeling the call to join us, I'd love to explore having you on this journey with us.



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