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Autumn Embodiment Practices for Deep Release

Autumn provides us the time to slow down. It is the season for nesting, receptivity, and harvesting the fruits of all you've done this year.

It is an opportunity to lay down some of your responsibilities and open to receive more healing rest, time for introspection, warming and grounding foods, and getting cozy with your loved ones.

It's also a beautiful time for greater embodiment.

Embodiment is a growing field of somatic exploration. It is the process of becoming aware of your experience of life not simply as a mind on two legs, but of a body experiencing aliveness.

"Embodiment is a state in which your entire intelligence is experienced through your body as a coherent unity attuned to the world."

When you are embodied, you begin to feel so much more alive and free in every area of your life. Intuition becomes stronger and consciousness is amplified. You feel at home in your body, you honor your emotions as a pathway to your inner wisdom, and you feel connected to nature.

Embodiment is the healing our future needs.

If you're curious as to how to become more embodied, Autumn provides abundant opportunities for you to do so.

Take these opportunities as the Earth's gift to you. Use them to slow down and unwind you, stewarding a greater connection between you, your body, and nature.

Relish in these slow, sensory-oriented activities that support embodiment:

🍂 Take long baths focusing on creating a beautiful, sensory experience

🍂 Schedule a 1:1 Breathwork session for deep release

🍂 Find opportunities to move your emotions through your body. All of them - deep belly laughs, sadness, anger, and joy

🍂 Cozy up with a nervine tea - lavender, skullcap, passionflower, or holy basil are beautiful to drink around 4 or 5 PM to guide you to deeper sleep

How are you becoming more embodied this week?



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