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As I prepare to leave for Mexico next week to teach at my first retreat of the year, I’m reflecting upon all the past month has presented…

In January, I facilitated embodiment work in the form of dance, Breathwork, plant medicine, and coaching to over 200 people.  It’s required a new level of presence,  strength, and honoring my worth to hold larger numbers of people through transformative healing. 

While you may look at my life or business and think it’s inspiring or “must be nice”– a luxury that I can acquire but somehow you can’t-– I’m here to tell you, like any other pursuit, it takes a ton of devotion & work. 

Showing up each and every day and moving through resistance and fear is some deep shit.  More than ticking off items on the ‘to do’ list or having the perfect marketing strategy, the inner work is the difference between creating a life of freedom or being a victim to your circumstances.  I learn this more and more every day.  

Many of us have learned that ruminating and focusing on our limitations, lack and problems is how to move forward but in reality, it keeps us exactly where we are, mired in heaviness and fear. 

In order to acquire a life we love living, we have to connect to something greater.  We have to stretch our minds, hearts and bodies beyond the shackles of doubt and fear to take steps forward.

And that requires doing something different.  It requires nervous system recalibration, mental alignment and unplugging from the ‘rat race’ to focus on what’s truly important.

You have the ability to create every thing you want to in life and more.  And in order to move from where you are to where you want to be, you likely need support, guidance, and community to shift your ecology.

This month, I’m hosting several events that specifically revolve around moving through the resistance that keeps you stuck so you can truly create the life you’re meant to.  I’m also hosting some powerful retreats over the coming months that are game-changing in their potency for transformation.   

I’d love for you to join us.



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