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Conscious Gifts for the Holidays and Beyond

I've put together a list of some of my gift recommendations for you, all of which come from small shops as I am all about supporting small, consciously created businesses this holiday season.

This year, I am dedicated to supporting small business owners, and I know many of you are too. There are some products and brands that I absolutely adore and have supported my well-being in many different ways.

I've also included some links to my Breathwork offerings. Of course, you can gift one to a loved one, but gifting yourself is perfectly acceptable, too!

For Next Level Self-Care:

If you’re seeking a deeper spiritual connection, emotional healing, or simply desire to unwind from daily pressures and stress, I’ve created an audio offering to support you - Breathwork Healing: Coming Home to Yourself. Coming Home to Yourself is a bundle of pre-recorded Breathwork Healing Journeys and is intended to guide you to return home to yourself again and again, whenever you need it most.

For the Anthophile: Lotus Wei Flower Essences

Mother Nature has provided us with so many resources at our fingertips, including these Lotus Wei Flower Essences. These have made their way into many of my daily rituals, and they make a wonderful gift for a loved one. ⁣ I recommend this collection to magnetize more love in your life.

For the Sensualist: Kitara Yoni Steam Ritual Kit

Ignite your senses with an exquisite, luxurious yoni steam kit bundle. This kit includes The First Anniversary Edition Kitara Sauna, Yoni Steam Pot, Burner, Steaming Blanket, and Sensual Massage Oil Candle. Bring safety, design, and ease into your steam practice.

For the Mindful Mover: Move Beautifully On Demand Subscription

Working out shouldn't feel like punishment, and at Move Beautifully On Demand it doesn't. Move Beautifully is a movement spa for the soul. By combining the movement techniques of pilates, ballet barre, and yoga they are able to create a full-body practice designed to reduce pain, empower the mind & the body.

For the Mystic:

Nick Kepley is a former professional dancer, intuitive tarot reader and mystic based in Astoria, NY. His books are currently open for 2021 Year-Ahead Readings. Nick is also the co-creator of In Search of Tarot, an eight-book guided journal collection for deepening your relationship with the cards. Book One: CONSCIOUSNESSis now available for pre-order.

For the Green Witch: The Witches Herbal Apothecary

Written by my herbalism teacher, this gorgeous book is a magickal book of recipes, rituals, and materia medica for reconnecting with the power and healing of Earth Magick.



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