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If you feel exhausted, fatigued, irritable, or scattered, you're not alone.

When I hear the same sentiment many times across client sessions, I know the themes arising are a unique look at what's happening within the collective. We are all so connected. Of course, we feel similar things at similar times.

This week, there's been a pervasive feeling of exhaustion, fatigue, irritability, and a lack of grounding/feeling scattered across the board.

Have you been feeling this too?

We can look at what nature is doing to give us an insight into our physical energy:

~ The moon is heading towards darkness which typically results in lower energy

~ And Fall is the season of shedding and letting go. It's the time when we're most drawn to begin our hibernation for the winter months.

But that's not all. We are weathered and changing after several months of collective trauma from the pandemic. And, regardless of your political affiliation, you've likely felt some excess energy from the election and all that's been wrapped up within it.

So, if you're feeling depleted this week, you're not alone. We've all been through a lot this year. It's been quite a journey.

And on any good journey, we sometimes need to be reminded (and given permission) that as tough and resilient as we are, we still need space for our innate tenderness and humanity. We have to give our hearts and minds space to rest. The health of our entire system- physically and collectively- depends on these moments of reprieve.

We heal in the silence.

We hear our wisdom in the space between thoughts.

We grow when we have the opportunity to reflect.

We restore our health with deep rest.

As we approach the weekend and another week before American Thanksgiving, my invitation to you is to carve out a little nest for your own nourishment. What would feel most supportive to you, even if just for an hour? Can you give yourself that gift?

Your well-being is a precious gift and when it is nurtured, everyone benefits.



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