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I started practicing Breathwork (aka Pranayama in yogic traditions) about 3 years ago and knew right away I’d learn to facilitate it for others some day.  

Since I completed my training in October, you’ve likely seen me sharing a lot about Breathwork and you may be curious as to what the hype is all about. It’s just breath after all!

Breathwork is an active meditation that uses a rhythmic breath pattern to reduce stress and stimulate deep emotional and spiritual growth.  It allows you to drop out of the busy-ness of your mind and go deeper into your emotions and subconscious patterns that weigh heavily on your body and nervous system. Breathwork is a powerful way to open up, clear stuck energy, and access your inner wisdom. It supports you in clearing out emotional clutter in order to gain greater clarity, vitality and creativity. 

During Breathwork, I’ve had some of the most profound and healing experiences I’ve ever had outside of my work with plant medicine.  I love that it is accessible to everyone and something that can be incorporated into your routine daily. 

Today, I’m sharing a short, guided Breathwork meditation with you so you might experience it for yourself.  (Sign up for my newsletter here to grab yours.)

It’s a powerful way to clear external stress and remember who you really are, connecting you to Spirit, & Universal Energy Flow.  

I hope it serves you well.

P.s. I hope you can make it to one of our two events this week.  We’re gathering for a Virtual Breathwork Circle TONIGHT to Call in Blessings & Abundance for the Year ahead and a very special Embody Dance Class & Toast to the New Year THIS SATURDAY. It’s going to be amazing and I’d love to see you there! All details and registration can be found here.



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