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A Full Moon Ritual & Journal Prompts

Tonight is the first full moon of 2021.

Referred to as the "Wolf Moon," and falling under the star sign of Leo it's a powerful time for releasing what no longer serves you, and creating space for what you're inviting into your life ~ the dreams, visions, goals, and behaviors that truly serve you and support you on your journey.

With the full moon in Leo, this is the perfect time to celebrate life and invoke the qualities of the lion for strength, assertion, and courage.

Remember what brings you joy and go after it with the ferocity of a lion.

Connect to this moon's energy to imbue your actions and interactions with confidence and finesse:

~Think before you speak or send a text

~Be mindful and think about how you want to express yourself

~Share your creative works with the world

~Find safe and healthy ways to be seen and receive loving attention, even if that is simply from yourself

Tonight, you can use this energy to reflect on the seeds you may have planted on January 13's new moon. How have you grown? Has anything come to light?

Full Moon Journal Prompts

You may want to create your own ritual to reflect on what you want to release in your life.

Take a moment tonight, if you feel called, to slow down, light a candle or some incense, breathe deeply, and tune in.

⁣⁣⁣You may want to journal, meditate, or practice some Breathwork for greater clarity.


Reflect and explore where you might create more intention in your life using the following journal prompts:⁣⁣⁣

~ How can I use this time to explore my creativity?

~ What growth have I experienced in the last 14 days? In the last month?

~ Am I on the right path to achieve my dreams, goals, and intentions?

Enjoy creating sacred space within and around you.



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