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Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” -Epicurus

Fall is nature’s most abundant season.  The time of the harvest, Autumn brings the perfect opportunity to reap all the efforts we’ve poured into the year since January.

From September through December, we’re called to slow down, draw within, and theoretically, hibernate, as the weather gets cooler and we gear up to celebrate the coming holidays and New Year ahead.

Given the intense pace of life today and the heaviness of all that’s happening in our world, Fall is a vitally important time of year for our renewal and nourishment on the deepest levels possible– mind, body and spirit.

When our lives are nourished– when we are vibrating at the highest state of thriving with every fiber of our being, at a cellular level– everything flows.  Or flows over…

Abundance is defined as ‘an overflowing fullness’.

It is the knowing and Trust that all our needs are met.

That we are safe, loved and cared for at the deepest level;

That we can create, or manifest, our desires without limitation.

That we are truly, limitless and in our infinite nature, can call upon our creative power to be, do and have whatever we wish.

When we feel abundant, we don’t fuss about the small things.  We don’t feel much of any discomfort, because we simply ARE.  Present, alive, free.

What we don’t often consider is that abundance, much like happiness, is an inside job. 

We must consciously curate abundance, cultivating an active experience of its fullness, daily. It requires strength and resilience in our hearts, bodies and boundaries to create the true abundance we seek.

The energetics of the Fall season support a deepening into abundant enjoyment from within.  This is a beautiful time to spend in communion with yourself and your desires. 


  • What would you truly love to experience between now and the end of the year? 

  • What are all of the Fall-centric things that you look forward to doing all year long but don’t give yourself enough time & space for? 

  • Are there things you want to prioritize in your life or relationship to Self that have been neglected? How can you make time for them now? 

When we tend to our lives with the utmost care, we thrive.  When we thrive, everything around us thrives.  When we are in our own joy and pleasure, we attract more joy and more pleasure. 

Autumn gives us the opportunity to reorient from the year’s comings and goings and tap back in to what matters most. 

Remember, Your life is your kingdom to shape. When you care for yourself, the more you can access your greatest wisdom, strength, clarity, and sense of purpose.  The more you embody these qualities, the more successful and abundant you will be.

Your life is your greatest work of art.  Give it space.  Give it time. Give it love and attention.

With love, 



A beautiful Virtual Day Retreat in honor of the Fall Equinox on Saturday, September 19th, this soulful, group experience for women will help your system process what is beyond and within you through the fire of Embodiment, the ceremony of Breathwork and the restoration of ThetaHealing. 

Join us to heal the ways you may be hiding from your greatness and align with prosperity on all levels. 

Space is extremely limited.



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