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Insights post-retreat + coming soon!

One of the hardest (and most beautiful) parts of my work is that I am consistently and often so deeply moved by it that words disappear. And yet, the words I do have center gratitude and trust. Walking into the unknown with humans over and over again will teach you that…

I am immensely grateful for the trust of the people I guide and the trust of Spirit which after all these years continues to bring the exact right people into my life at the exact right time.

This past weekend’s Breathwork retreat was one that I’ll never forget. The courageous, open-hearted, and truly remarkable group of souls that joined us allowed me to witness the perfection of the Soul’s journey in real time, once again.

I am always a student to my work. I get to constantly learn from these experiences and integrate anew through what happens before me.


One of the biggest things I'm leaving last weekend's experience with is this~

Transitions, thresholds, and endings are always afoot and not to be feared. Each moment is a new beginning and thank goodness for that. We get to continuously evolve, grow, and choose something different if we wish. The letting go is just as beautiful as harvesting the ripest fruit. To share these transitions and healing in community is vastly important.




Support your journey with hand-crafted medicinal potions, and ritual tools 


Among the various hats I wear, I am also a folk herbalist. For the past 5 years, I have been assisting my clients, family, friends, and community in their healing processes using plant technology alongside our somatic, soul alignment and coaching work. 


Combining indigenous wisdom, herbalism, and my background in nutrition and holistic health, I started creating intentional formulas to support my people with tangible ways to create healing and rituals at home, outside of our sessions and retreats.


The demand has become such that I have finally answered the call and am creating a place where more people have access to the nourishing teas, tinctures, herbal baths, etc., that I've been sharing behind the scenes with those closest to me and my work.


This little online shop will carry small-batch, medicinal, and ritual herb blends using organic herbs and will also include intentionally selected items from my travels.


Each item is created with prayer and intention in ceremony and from the feedback I receive, this is why people continue to return to these products - the spirit of the medicine is felt.


Stay tuned! We're almost ready to open shop later this month!



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