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[Podcast Feature] #27 On Breathwork w/ Stephanie Burg - The Tribequest Podcast

Tune into this episode with Berenice de la Lanne

Stephanie is a trauma-informed, Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Women’s Embodiment Guide, Therapeutic Dance + Meditation Teacher, Sacred Circle facilitator, retreat leader and a continuous student of the healing arts.

Stephanie’s work is about shining a light in the dark for women (and men) around their deepest, most terrifying memories and fears and helping them to fully embrace the power of all that they are, mind, body and spirit. She holds the space for you to embody the fullest expression of yourself outside of the stories, drama, negativity, or fear you may have experienced in the past. Understanding the body is her gift.

Movement is her medicine. She is an intuitive, An empath, A trauma survivor, And a proud introvert, And working with her is like upgrading your operating system.



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