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[Podcast Feature] Episode #21: Opting Out of Linear Time Stephanie Burg - Becca Piastrelli

You know I’ve been doing a lot of work in examining my relationship with my calendar and linear time, so I thought I’d invite one of my best friends on the show—who has these conversations with me often and who is healing many of these things in her own life as well—Stephanie Burg. Stephanie is a health and trauma-healing coach and therapeutic dance + meditation teacher. In this episode, we talk about opting out of the capitalistic, linear time world to choose self-care instead, how that’s easier said than done, how our relationship with coffee is part of that journey, finding time leaks, and setting up your calendar and boundaries to give yourself space in non-linear time.

“We don’t have a problem knowing the answer, but we do have a problem actually embodying the wisdom we receive.” -Stephanie Burg



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