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The wisdom of the dark feminine asks us to embrace this...

Recently, a client shared with me that she felt broken- her Spirit shattered, her body knocked down by life. Grief, pain, trauma, and endless oceans of tears seemed to follow her wherever she went.

I know this place. We're not strangers to one another.

As she grappled with finding the silver lining, trying to discover the lessons she was meant to learn, and how to improve herself from this place here and now,

I heard the wisdom of the dark feminine beckoning her close, asking to be embraced...

And so I asked-

"Are you willing to surrender in this moment- right here and now without having to make your pain or challenge mean anything at all?

Are you willing to be in a place of humility and accept that this - the spot on the map God circled just for you- is where you are, right now?"

She nodded through tears, breath expanding, body softening, receiving the gifts and blessings of letting go. And we explored the feminine's abyss together...

There are times in life, when our journey is to have such profound experiences of surrender, that we can no longer fight, push, or force our own agenda, because what Life is presenting to us is complete obliteration.

It's an admirable quality to keep going, but sometimes, life is asking us for so much more than barreling ahead.

When the Earth shatters itself with disaster, we do not look to what's been destroyed to guide the way, we look to what is still standing because from here, new life emerges.

Life can present us with tremendous opportunities to explore the softness of our humanity. To explore the tendrils of our tenderness, the shards of our broken hearts, and to be so deeply in the exhaustion of our pain and sorrow that we must cry out to life in order to make it through.

When we fear it's impossible to hold any more pain is precisely when we are asked to lean in and trust that THERE IS MEDICINE here too, without having to do anything else but have the courage to feel it.

This is surrender.

From the darkest dark, the light can and will return.

Sending love,




Nosara, Costa Rica

Saturday, November 5 - Saturday, November 12, 2022

This November, I’m gathering an intimate group of wisdom-seekers for an opportunity to commune with plant medicines in a beautiful, safe, and supported journey in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Spend a week immersed in the beauty, vitality, and sensuality of Costa Rica connecting deeply to your Soul’s vision for your life-- past, present and future.

Together, we’ll dive deep into the power of ceremony and ritual, reclaim a sense of belonging in community, and return to a state of peace and joy within ourselves.

We will sit with Ayahuasca in 2 beautiful ceremonies that combine deep meditation and heavenly sound healing, immerse ourselves in nature, open our bodies with plenty of Breathwork and movement, and connect with each other in supportive sharing circles.

With an emphasis on intimate group size, supported preparation & integration, and individual care, this retreat is a beautiful and nourishing experience designed to support conscious awakening.

Imagine deep restoration & relaxation, transformative healing sessions, high-vibe & exquisitely prepared nourishing meals, deep connections in soulful community, plenty of belly laughs and the deepest healing available to you.

Everything about Pure Aliveness is intentional, intimate and crafted to meet the needs of the women in attendance.

From the venue, to the beautiful food, to the guest teachers, to the ceremony, everything is orchestrated and plays a vital role in the experience.

As a result, you won’t find another like it (especially at this price point!). I do my best to keep it affordable, while also creating the most delicious, decadent, informative experience possible.

Connect with your Soul to unfold the path that is truly meant for you to achieve your life’s highest purpose and release any barriers in the way of you shining fully.



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