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When I decided to pursue a career in dance, I was 17. I remember the exact moment, in the middle of ballet class at my high school dance studio, mid-grand battement- thinking, “I could really do this for life, I love it that much.” Up until that point, I had never even considered it. I had many teachers who said I couldn’t make it- my shoulders were too broad, the insteps of my feet not high enough, my weight never low enough, my musicality very poor

My parents rarely came to see me perform after a certain age and often shared their disapproval & criticism of what became my life, my passion, and personal ecosystem. 

My mother often reminded me of my teacher’s critiques, nicknaming me “broad-y” as one of the many taunts she used when our arguments became heated.

My grandparents rejected the idea transferring their own fear and beliefs: art is an unreliable career choice, not a real job, and certainly not something you could count on to pay the bills. 

Years later, when my car got repossessed because I couldn’t pay the $173 monthly payment and had to borrow money from a friend to reclaim it, I swore they must’ve been right. 

What I never understood was how I could be so unwaveringly persistent and resilient along the way. Like a rebellious donkey, heels dug firmly into the dirt, I knew in my bones dancing was my purpose and I wouldn’t be swayed. 

I focused on the joy and expression I felt when dancing and somehow, kept moving forward, eventually creating a 10+ year professional career out of the intuitive hit 17-year old me felt all those years prior.

Somewhere within, I knew I was capable despite tons of naysayers, including my family.  

I fought. I invested my mind, body and soul into it and made it happen. 

Looking back, I recognize all of the guardian Earth Angels I had along the way:

-the young ones who asked for pairs of my signed pointe shoes after performances

-the TWO sets of husband and wife teams who, at different times, became my mentors, coaches, advocates and the stand-in for my family’s approval 

-the colleagues and friends who shared my passion & cheered me on

-the company director who gave me my first leading role as a professional dancer

-the man I would marry who loved dance before we met and celebrated my gift every step of the way

Sometimes you have to fight for the things you love. 

Sometimes you have to throw caution, security & fear to the wind and leap heart first into the unknown.

Sometimes, you have to trust your fucking self more than anyone else will.

Because your dream,

Your art,

Who you love

Your unique expression, 

Who you are and who you want to be 


I thought about this journey a lot on my recent trip to Costa Rica with my husband.  While this trip was originally intended for me to explore for an upcoming retreat, my husband came along and we enjoyed an epic vacation too! There were so many times during our time away that I felt complete awe.  Soaking in the vast, stunning landscapes and nature around me, I realized — I am creating this. We are here because I allowed this to come to fruition from deep within my heart. Like pursuing a career in dance against all odds, I recognized this feeling, a Soul knowing: Life doesn’t always obey logic or even look the way we think it should, but our bodies, souls and emotions know when we are on the right track. You get to create all of it.  

And if you have just enough courage to take one step after another, you absolutely can. 

I believe in you.

If I can do it and keep doing it, so can you. Go get ’em.  With love,  Stephanie


Pure Aliveness Retreat Costa Rica 2020

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