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Why I love Costa Rica & what happened my first time there

Costa Rica has always held a special place in my heart. Her land has shown me what it feels like to be in partnership with my body, deeply connected to my sensuality, and to remember that above all else, I am a part of nature - wild, blossoming, and free.

The first time I visited Costa Rica, I was in transition- leaving a decade-long career as a professional ballerina, at odds with my body, struggling with my relationship to food, deeply grieving a traumatic loss, and not sure where I was headed next.

Spending a week on retreat, held by the powerful, nurturing energy of Costa Rican land, and the vibrant, simplicity of Tican culture, brought me back home to me.

During that time, I reclaimed a sense of belonging, remembering that I was a part of something much greater than my challenges and that while I was feeling stuck and in pain, that there was so much more life had to offer.

I knew, held by the land and supported in community on retreat, that I would not only be ok but thrive in the most abundant ways, just as nature was showing me.

Since then, my reverence for Costa Rica has continued to flourish. I've witnessed the changes, on a cellular level that happen when people spend time immersed in the medicine she offers.

At a time when many people feel isolated and alone, stuck and uncertain, it is a powerful gift to remember just how held and supported we are by the Earth, by each other, and by a force much greater than our perceived limitations.

Transformational retreats, like Pure Aliveness, in areas of the world devoted to living in harmony with nature, like Costa Rica, have the power to create dramatic shifts in how we view ourselves and our lives.

They have the power to remind us of our vast potential, our innocence, and our power, and that everything we need really is inside of us.

Pure Aliveness is an intimate experience for a small group of women devoted to remembering - their gifts, their strengths, their innate beauty, and connection to all that is.

If you’ve been longing for an experience that’s just for you- a journey into greater depth & connection with yourself- in a sacred community of like-hearted women, immersed in nature and the medicine of the Earth, I hope you listen to your heart and join us.

If you're ready for something more, including greater peace and clarity, I'd love for you to join us.

This experience will continue to bless you for years to come.



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