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Do you find Autumn to be as magical a time of year as I do? The season of Yin, Feminine energy and receptivity, Fall offers many gifts and opportunities for self-connection through embodiment. 

During autumn, it’s natural that we wish to draw inward and reflect. We may feel slower and quieter than we did during the summer— and this is as Nature intended it to be.  This is not a time to force or push ourselves to achieve and do more, but instead an opportunity to reconnect with what’s most important to us, to care for our bodies on a deeper level, and to increase our spiritual practices for self connection.   Think of it as a time to amplify the “coziness factor” that is already present and that you may be tapping into right now. 

A period of rest and reflection, Fall can bring more of a desire to draw inward.  Much like a bear hibernates in the winter months, so too do we wish to slow down, rest and reflect.  

When we align with the energetics nature provides us, we can create greater levels of peace and embodied presence.  We can also take a necessary pause on productivity and support our ambitions through reflection and re-centering.  We can also use this time to create greater radiance from the inside out.

Now is an excellent time to connect to your body and your intuition, relishing in slower, sensory-oriented activities that support embodiment and inner clarity at the deepest levels possible.

As we enter Fall, you may wish to play with new ways of supporting yourself or amplify your current practices. 

Get to bed early. The hours of 10 PM to 6 AM are best for the most restorative sleep.  Don’t be surprised if you feel more tired during the Fall and Winter months, your body needs the longer hours of darkness for rest and regeneration.  The more you can support these natural inclinations, the better you’ll feel on all levels.

Create a luxurious morning and / or evening ritual that stimulates each of your senses. Anoint yourself with your favorite essential oils or Agua de Florida. Burn incense or sacred plant smoke. Place your hands on your body and breathe deeply in silence for several breaths. I love starting my mornings with ceremonial cacao, slow, sensuous music, journaling and gentle movement.  Here is one of my very favorite playlists to listen to during this time. 

Read, just for enjoyment. Preferably fiction or something that feels like a respite or vacation from your day. 

Take long baths Add candles, epsom salts, nourishing herbs, incense and music.

Move more slowly. Align your rhythm with the pace of nature – dance, walk in nature, coordinate your movement to deep, full breaths. Now is a great time to use this moving meditation to support your embodied flow. 

Slow the pace of linear time.  Remove things from your schedule and to do list.  What doesn’t bring you joy or light you up? Remove it from your schedule.  It’s ok to let it go and take more time for yourself.

Take care of your skin using high quality organic products.  Consider the beautiful Ayurvedic ritual of dry brushing, or self-massage with luxurious body oil.

Create Soulful Connection with Inspiring Women. There is something truly magical that happens when women come together with a common intention to connect, inspire & uplift one another and receive support. Women who really get you and want to see you succeed are invaluable to your growth and well-being.  Join us THIS Saturday, September 19, as we gather in soulful community for our virtual day retreat, Harvest Your Magic, in honor of the Fall Equinox.  May these Fall embodiment rituals support you in the coming weeks, love.  Sending much love,  Stephanie




THIS SATURDAY! A Virtual Day Retreat in honor of the Fall Equinox  September 19, 2020 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST

Join me and special guest, Cara Viana, for Harvest Your Magic— a catalyst for expansion and embodiment designed to empower women who are ready & willing to shine and create impact in the world.  

This powerful, half-day retreat in honor of the Fall Equinox is a beautiful opportunity for women to come together, dive deep in a soulful, supportive community and create transformative breakthroughs over the course of several hours. 

Take a beautiful, nourishing day for yourself in sacred sisterhood to dive deep and amplify your radiance so you may create prosperity on all levels. 

Here’s what to expect:  Align with the energy of prosperity   Learn how to co-create with Universal Energy   Amplify radiance and become a magnet for prosperity without burning yourself out  Alchemize and heal the ways you may be hiding from your greatness

There will be:  Plenty of space and time for sharing and reflection  A powerful Breathwork Healing Journey  Somatic release in the form of Embody dance class  ThetaHealing & teachings by special guest, Cara Viana – a powerful intuitive & healer  Surprises & more!

Through guided ceremony & ritual, sharing circles, and powerful healing practices, we will set the stage for deep healing of the past while setting your nervous system up to sustain the prosperity you deserve.  


We’d love for you to join us!



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