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Sacred Ground Blessing Herb Blend

Sacred Ground Blessing Herb Blend


 A beautiful addition to your spiritual practice, Sacred Ground will help to engage your senses and connect you more fully to deep time- the space beyond linear realms.  It is a pure magical blend of sacred blessing herbs and resins created by hand, for you, by Stephanie.


The foundation of this blend is composed mainly of two different types of Copal as well as plants and resins typically used to ground, banish negative energy, cleanse, clear and protect the body and one’s physical space.


Copal has been one of the main conduits through which Mesoamerican Natives praise and connect to the Great Mystery, playing a key role in their rituals, ceremonies, offerings, and cleanses.  Mayan Copal incense was highly valued and was used in different rituals, celebrations, and offerings throughout the year. 


The column of white smoke created by Copal burning represents the cosmic axis out of which the universe and all its creatures emerged and acts as the connecting thread between the worlds, between heaven and earth.  It is said to evoke memory and bless us with the presence of our guides, angels, and ancestor’s wisdom.

To use: Light a charcoal disc over an open flame until it remains lit on its own, place on a heat-safe dish and then sprinkle a small amount of plant material on top of the burning charcoal.  A little goes a long way, however you can continue to add small amounts to the lit charcoal as long as it burns.

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