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Healing Journey

Aftercare & Integration Steps

Thank you for joining us!  It’s truly an honor to hold space for you. 


It is especially important to take good care of yourself in the hours and days following your journey. Do your best to remain open to how this work will continue to work through you and how the guidance you've received will show up.

I've put together some supportive tips for integrating your experience below.
Please make full use of this guidance in whatever way most resonates for you.

Post-Breathwork Journey SELF-CARE:

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 ✦ Drink lots of water over the next 48 hours.
You’ve moved a lot of energy and this can be depleting to your body.  Electrolytes, vitamin C, and magnesium added to your water are excellent to support further grounding and rehydration.

✦ Provide extra love and care for yourself.
It is not uncommon to feel emotionally tender or open after Breathwork. Please move slowly, be gentle with yourself and give yourself as much space as you can to explore what arose for you.

✦ Ground and re-center.
Spend some time in nature when you can. If you can place your bare feet on the Earth, even better. 

✦ This process will continue to work with you over the next few days.
Pay attention to your dreams, new insights, and awareness, or any emotions that may come up. The more you can stay open to the process of healing and integrating your experience, the better. You may want to journal, reflect upon what you learned, meditate, walk in nature, or practice any nourishing movement-yoga, dancing, biking, walking, etc. 

✦ Eat and drink something grounding and nourishing.
For example: a bit of dark chocolate, roasted root vegetables, burdock, nettle, or chamomile tea.

*I’ve prepared a special pre and post-Breathwork Journey herbal tea to support your nervous system and deeper grounding.
You can purchase yours at my online shop [COMING SOON!].

✦ Be kind and gentle with yourself.
Remember, healing is not always linear, and not everything is resolved overnight or in one journey for that matter.  All you need is a willingness to be with what arises, reach out for support if you’re struggling, and stay curious about what lessons are emerging for you.  I am always here if you need additional support. 


What's Next

Several things to help you stay clear and connected in the days and weeks ahead:

If you’d like to join us again for our next Full Moon Breathwork Journey you can reserve your spot by registering now. It's so powerful when we come together to anchor in our connection to each other and nature's cycles.

If you’d like to schedule a 1:1 or Couples Virtual Breathwork Session
to focus on what you need most at this time you can book your session here.

If you'd like to remain consistent with your Breathwork practice,
I’ve created a few pre-recorded audio offerings to support you when you most need them. If you desire a deeper spiritual connection, emotional healing, or simply to unwind from daily pressures and stress, you can learn more and purchase yours below.

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And please tag me in your videos/photos if you post or take any!

Lastly, if you found your experience to be impactful, I would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about this work. Please share about your experience with the people you love and invite them to join you next time.  

Thank you again for being with us! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Sending love & blessings your way,

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