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Stephanie's specialties include:


Private Mentorship

1:1 Clients

“Working with Stephanie was a truly transformative experience that catapulted me in a whole new direction... a direction that is truly aligned with my deepest desires. It was the first time I ever experienced such a supportive group of women, who allowed me to show up with vulnerability, and without judgment. I received the support that I had been craving for so long which gave me the courage to start to chase my dreams-BIG TIME! Thank you, Stephanie, for being a big part of my journey and giving me the permission to put myself first, and to hold my evolution in the highest regard.”

- Christine Lentz, Client & Owner of Elevate Yoga & Fitness

Gervase Kolmos.jpg

“Being coached by Stephanie is being fully seen, heard, and loved.
She can laser right in and see where you're really struggling and help you lovingly come back to the center. Her compassion and deep intuitive wisdom is something very special, and I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced it. Having been more disconnected from my body since having babies, I always look to Stephanie first for ways to nourish my body that I won't find anywhere online. She has a gift and a magical presence, and anybody would be incredibly lucky to work with her in ANY capacity.”

- Gervase Kolmos, Client


“In only one year of working with Stephanie, my inner life completely changed. It is astounding to look back at where I was a year ago in so much pain and confusion to now experiencing the clarity and depth of self compassion and presence I only dreamed possible. Stephanie's loving support and gift of seeing my highest potential allowed my courageous spirit to face my worn out patterns head on with love and compassion.”

- Lauren Johnson, Client

Kate LeSueur4.png

“Working with Stephanie has been truly transformational; what makes her work stand out is in the somatic piece.  Coming to know and understand the ways in which my body is taking in and processing experiences (past and present) and the world, and how I then can heal from that understanding; along with Stephanie's various modalities has made all the difference.  Her ability to intuit and offer so much deep wisdom, as well as just be such a soft landing allowed for such incredible transformation to occur.  She is a gift to the world and I am truly grateful for our paths to have crossed.”

- Kate LeSueur, Client

Courtney Smith.jpg

“Friends around me noticed a difference quite early on - within the first few months of working with Stephanie - that I was more sure of myself, more comfortable with myself, and seemed to be more "me." That change has only amplified over the continued years of working with her, as I step into my own truth and the others around me recognize that as well."

- Courtney Smith, Client

Emily Phillips.png

“Mentorship with Stephanie has been a huge turning point in my life. She's helped me anchor into a deep, dark sea of transformation and stay there while I learned to trust the spiral path of creation. All along the way, I've felt so held and loved to bring all my mess and all my might. I knew she could meet me wherever I truly was with compassion and sharp insight.


The parts of myself that once felt too shameful, strange, wild, and deep were welcomed back into my being. I know myself now as a sensitive leader and magical creatress of new and ancient ways that I struggled to accept before I met Stephanie. She is a masterful guide of the light and shadow!"

- Emily Phillips, Client



Group Participants
F66EC9D1-AF50-4F63-ABD4-3DC196FD6461 - Nora Luce (1)-2.jpeg

“The experience Stephanie crafted for Pure Aliveness was infused with such deep empowerment, heart clearing, and remembering of sacred sisterhood. From the nourishment, to the schedule balanced with deep work and free time, and all the surprises in between, it felt like one magical ceremony.


I was moving through so much emotion and it felt like a shedding and re-aligning experience”

- Nora

Mikala Vandenbroucke (1).jpg

“This experience was pure magic! The sisterhood experienced throughout the retreat was so profound, and I continue to deepen the relationships built with these beautiful women!


The entire day of our full moon offerings, ceremony and celebration was my favorite part because I feel like we got to experience magic in the way that the day unfolded. I go to see how our combined worka and intentions created such a beautiful experience.


I have returned home with so much peace in my heart and a vision of what I would love for my future to hold for me, and new tools to help me build it. I feel a stillness inside that was not fully present, or maybe formed, before leaving that feels so welcome and at home.”

- Mikala

Emily Phillips.png

“Sharing and growing in intimacy with sisters through our circle, practices, yoga, pool hangs... After a long period of no in person time with women, this was tremendously healing for me to experience in my nervous system a relaxation around social anxiety.


There was an acceptance of myself as I am in relationship. I loooved the intimacy!!


The week was everything I needed and hoped it would be.”

- Emily

Kelsey Boone 2023.png

“100% would do again. That's my testimony. If you're on the fence, I promise the experience will not disappoint.”

- Kelsey


“To be so thoughtfully, consciously and lovingly guided by Stephanie and her team was the transformational gift of a lifetime. I was held and supported in a way I have never experienced prior and through this experience I was able to learn why I am here, in this body on this planet now.


I will treasure forever the sisterhood formed in complete reverence and joy for one another and our unique paths and gifts. Thank you, Stephanie, for loving all of us!”

- Lauren


“This experience has opened my eyes to so much beyond the typical answers to depression and anxiety. The tools and resources that were shared with me have given me hope that I have the power within myself to have the life I want. Stephanie creates a container that allows women to feel safe, seen, and loved.


The women that journeyed with me and supported me during the process were a game changer. I leaned in, and I trusted the container, and the beautiful, beautiful women that were around me, and I was able to feel and let go and have emotions that I feel weren't permitted in the past."

- Kat

Autumn Garber.jpeg

“Joining the Pure Aliveness Retreat 2022 is hands down the most impactful experience I've had in many years. The community and sacred space created for us by Stephanie and her team was unlike anything I've ever experienced and it allowed me to FINALLY heal the innermost part of my being and open the door to who I was truly created TO BE.

I received a miracle healing. And I showed up for myself in ways that I never had before and it was a very sweet reunion.


I have an excitement and passion for life that I've never known before and everyone around me can see and feel the changes in my spirit. I am incredibly grateful for all the amazing women I met at Pure Aliveness and look forward to returning next year."

- Autumn

Kelsey Boone.jpeg

“I have joined Stephanie for two years now down in Costa Rica and each experience was unique and magical. This past year I embarked on my healing journey and left any form of 'self-doubt' or 'self-hate' behind. Ceremony was absolutely transformational and opened so many doors that I have yet to venture through. I feel an excitement this year for what is to come and an abundant amount of love from many directions including my own!"

- Kelsey

Lulu Simmons.png

“I showed up. I said yes. And it was really really beautiful. I felt every day that I had an opportunity to be courageous in ways that felt more challenging before this week. And I feel like I received more love than I can even describe. And that's what I'm taking home with me."

- Lindsay


“This experience was life changing! It was truly a journey of coming home to myself. I felt so loved, supported and cared for in all aspects of the retreat, and am still feeling magic unfold in the details of my daily life beyond the retreat setting."

- Mikala


“Stephanie has a magical way of pulling together a group of amazing women and creating a loving community. I am so glad I said yes to this experience, as it was a beautiful way to connect deeper with myself, nature, and sisterhood of lifelong friends!"

- Ally

Amy Hatlan.png

“I've done a lot of other spiritual retreats and this one, like honestly, this just cuts to the quick and puts all the healing up for you to do. I showed up and I  did the work.


And this experience has been completely life changing."

- Amy


Transformational Breathwork

Group Participants

“These virtual Breathwork sessions have been so impactful in my self-care routine. Being in the wellness field, myself, I sometimes need to find creative ways to work on my own healing. I am so grateful that I can connect from my own home after a day of running around. Stephanie's warmth, experience, and encouragement are felt throughout the entire session, she is with you and fully connected. I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie 1:1 and in group sessions both live and virtual. Each time has been a different life-changing experience, this woman is a truly gifted healer.”

- Hillary Sabbato


“Being in Stephanie's presence is powerfully transformative.
She fully sees every woman she meets with the eyes of pure and unconditional sweet love and reflects it back to you so that you are fully aware of how capable and amazing YOU truly are. Stephanie can't help but bring healing light to all she does in the world, and is fully devoted to her mission in support of women cultivating love, sisterhood, and true freedom in all aspects of our lives.”

- Emily Cassel, Business Strategist & Leadership Coach

Carol Cottrell.jpg

“Being guided through a meditation by Stephanie has always been an amazing experience. Every meditation I've ever done with her guidance has been powerful and left an imprint on my mind and soul. She is such a beautiful and calming presence and her meditations always feel like a gift. In fact, I walk regularly with the accompaniment of her moving meditation, and I can't think of a better way to start my day.

When Stephanie invited me to participate in her Breathwork circle, I was looking forward to another beautiful experience, but I had no idea how much healing was in store. The intensity of this healing truly was amazing, and while I couldn't really find adequate words to describe it, I couldn't wait to share and recommend it to friends and family. Stephanie is a truly gifted healer and I'm forever grateful for her presence in my life.”

- Carol Cottrell, Intuitive Medium

Image by Yousef Espanioly

“At some point early last year my brother and I did one of your recorded Breathwork Sessions, I believe titled "Feeling at Home in Your Body." I'm an actor and writer, and have felt incredibly distant from the inner well of creativity that I've drawn from entire my life. Overthinking, negative thoughts, harsh treatment of my self.


Your breathwork sessions felt like gasps of air to a drowning man. Even if for an hour, a minute, to still the thoughts and quiet the mind was a gift I needed. I don't think I've ever cried in such a general sense in all my life, and I'm deeply grateful for it. The release and relief were (and are) hard for me to even define with words.


Thank you. For helping me, and helping me find space within myself to allow for the healing and rejuvenation."

- JP

Alysssia v..HEIC

“Breathwork has been integral to my emotional health. It helps me process grief and life difficulties in a dynamic and active way. I’ve worked with Stephanie for years and recommend this path with her."

- Alyssia Valentin

Image by Annie Spratt

“Thank you so much for leading the Breathwork circle yesterday. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it for anyone hoping to reconnect with their true self. You provided a safe place for us to experience the healing energy we all possess. You have a unique gift. Thank you for sharing it with us”

- Kathy Ray

Jean headshot.jpeg

“I have always found Breathwork to be a very deep and powerful modality in moving through stagnations in the emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. It takes a special person to facilitate a circle encompassing such a great depth. Stephanie has a beautiful ability to hold tremendous space for this level of healing which deepens the entire process. I highly recommend Stephanie and her work."

- Jean Atman

Image by Providence Doucet

“It was a beautiful experience that further solidified the path that I am on. Thank you. Your facilitation was excellent. Your ability to hold space for each person to have their own experience was a gift.”

- Amy L.


“For anyone else working their way through something tough, I cannot say enough about the power of breathwork with Stephanie. It has been the most healing thing; the best self-care I’ve ever experienced—a powerful physical release for difficult emotions."

- Joy LeDuc

Image by Ronit Shaked

“I was very curious about Breathwork and connected with Stephanie for a session. I had a lot of things on my mind and needed help working through some of my cloudier emotions. My session with Stephanie left me feeling lighter and more fully resourced to meet the challenges ahead of me. I’d highly recommend Breathwork to anyone looking for a release from thoughts that are holding you back but that you can’t quite let go."

- John


Embodiment Rituals

Group Participants

“The environment that Stephanie has created is a uniquely empowering and freeing experience, different from any other class I've ever taken. For an hour, I can focus not on how others perceive me, or even how I perceive myself, but on who I am. I can focus on feeling emotions that I may have been pushing away or ignoring, and instead move through them, really feel them...and by being fully present in MY body and in my emotions, I can bring healing into my own life where I most need it.”

- Courtney S.

Image by Edward Howell

“Thank you, Stephanie. Thank you for leading and promoting the freedom of movement. Thank you for joy! Thank you for the girlfriend’s dance party! What an outstanding way to reconnect with my love for dance. Thank you for your beautiful soul!”

- Kelly R.

Image by Jaroslava Petrášová

“Tonight I got to share the most beautiful experience in a room full of strong, powerful, amazing women. It was sooooo liberating for me to dance my heart out and not feel embarrassed or scared and to tap into energies in my body I didn't even know I was feeling...I feel so free and so alive thank you, Stephanie Burg, I am sooooo glad I took the step to show up and be open. If you have not tried it check it out!”

- Kerrin A.


“Stephanie's warmth, experience, and encouragement are felt throughout the entire session, she is with you and fully connected. I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie 1:1 and in group sessions both live and virtual. Each time has been a different life-changing experience, this woman is a truly gifted healer."

- Hillary Sabbato

Image by Shannon Baldwin

“Nothing reconnects me like this class!”

- Tamsen T.

Image by Fabien Lebre

“Embody was such a powerful, transformative, and fun experience! Stephanie made it easy to let loose and the group was super supportive allowing me the freedom to express and express I did! The tears started flowing and it was such a cathartic experience! After getting down and deep the Lightness I experienced at the end was sheer joy!”

- Maureen D.

Jean headshot.jpeg

“It takes a special person to facilitate a circle encompassing such a great depth. Stephanie has a beautiful ability to hold tremendous space for this level of healing which deepens the entire process. I highly recommend Stephanie and her work."

- Jean Atman

Image by Bill Nino

“Your facilitation is excellent. Your ability to hold space for each person to have their own experience is a gift.”

- Amy L.


Plant Medicine

Immersion Participants

“Last week my therapist asked me when I felt the safest in my life. The immediate (and unexpected) response was the day of and following day after my ceremony with Stephanie.


I chose to step into ceremony because the traditional tools were no longer working. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced almost every possible type of intense trauma. And tbh, I was terrified. But Stephanie held the most sacred, safe, sovereign space imaginable. Because of the quality of the container she created, I was able to explore the deep crevasses of my psyche that eluded me — even as a healer myself. 

The process isn’t a quick fix. It opened layers of repression that needed to be addressed. And Stephanie provided the tools to integrate the lessons into my life. It’s been a year and I continue to evolve and self-actualise as a result of our time together. Stephanie is the ultimate space holder, wise sage, and friend. There’s no one else I’d rather journey with.”

- Bethany


“Sitting in ceremony in the presence of only women was really powerful and I felt really safe, seen and free to be fully in the medicine. The creation and furthering of sisterhood was magic on it's own!”

- Mikala

Autumn Garber.jpeg

“The ceremonies were so impactful!! My favorite part was witnessing all the healing for myself and others. It was magical and the most spiritual experience of my life.”

- Autumn

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