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There are so many things vying for our attention today that we end up spending a lot of time in our heads. 

Our behaviors may start to become transactional – always aimed at the end result- instead of enjoying the journey of life as a whole. 

Earlier this week, I led 2 different groups of women through virtual embodiment experiences for different colleagues.  Both times, I was struck by how much magic we can evoke in every aspect of our lives through our bodies alone.  When you use embodiment practices to reconnect back home to yourself, to manifest, to plant seeds for what you’re creating in life, and  to help you get unstuck from thought patterns or storylines not serving you, something miraculous occurs. A mind-oriented approach can only take you so far. When you start to use the intelligence of your body as part of your potential and power, you begin to access a 360 degree perspective of your life experience.  You feel alive and free in your body,  You access the wisdom of your spirit and intuition, You become a magnet for everything you want in life to come to you. As women, our bodies are our greatest power source. We have the ability to literally create life within them! If we don’t partner with our bodies we will never achieve our fullest potential in life, business or relationships.  The mind helps, but you can’t think your way into embodiment. You must experience it. You’ll know you’re truly embodied when: -you lose track of time in sheer enjoyment -you’re not ruminating over thoughts that create stress, tension and tightness in your body -you feel free and at home in your skin you’re breathing deeply  and you feel relaxed -you aren’t worried or obsessed about how you look because you trust how you feel in your body instead -you choose nourishment from a place of body wisdom vs. counting calories or numbers on the scale -your senses & intuition provide valuable information that delights and informs your decisions  You’ll know you’re embodied when you trust and honor your body fully.  And you will forget too.  You’re human after all.  Embodiment is a practice just like everything else. 

Have you felt it?  How do you know when you’re fully embodied?

Sending love, ❤️ Stephanie



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