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[Podcast Feature] No. 47 | On Self Care & Balance with Stephanie Burg - Art of Doing

This week on the Art of Doing Podcast, Hilary Johnson sits down with our Hatch Tribe Mentor of the Month & Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Stephanie Burg. This month Stephanie is leading us through The Girlbosses Guide to Balance.

3 Key Points in this Episode:

  • Meditation can be uncomfortable for people initially because there is no manipulation of your body, like the stimulation from social media message and energy boosts from caffeine.

  • Where you are in your cycle influences your state of mind & productivity. Creativity, problem-solving, and trying new things are best done a week after a woman’s period. Ten days before your period is best for administrative and work effort activities.

  • Listen to your body when you are feeling over-scheduled, and respond accordingly.

Stephanie Burg was a professional ballerina for over a decade. After years of restrictive, disordered eating and utter disregard for her body, a series of injuries took her from the stage and forced her to reevaluate every facet of her life, starting with her relationship to her body.

Now a Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Stephanie is a fierce advocate for the human form, drawing upon her expertise in movement and studies in holistic nutrition, gut health, food allergies and spiritual + emotional well-being to teach women how to return to the innate wisdom and brilliance of their female bodies. Stephanie believes that when a woman loves the body she calls home, she embraces her power to create the life she was born to live.

Stephanie’s work has been featured in publications such as ABC News, Colorado Public Radio, Dance Magazine, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, and various national and local publications. Stephanie was selected as one of Charleston, SC’s “50 Most Progressive” celebrating the most forward-thinking individuals having an impact on the future of Charleston.

Quotable Moments:

  • “If you are feeling miserable and unhappy and burned out and overworked, that directly affects your product or service that you are putting out into the world.” – Stephanie Burg

  • “We’ve got this whole body of things to tend to, to really curate happiness. Happiness doesn’t grow on trees.” – Stephanie Burg

  • “How to listen to my body, and my emotional body. And this is a practice…I’m constantly tuning into this.” – Stephanie Burg



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