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You’ve likely been seeing the term “embodiment” used more these days.  Maybe you’ve seen your favorite yoga teacher use it as a hashtag on social media, or found it in a self-help book.

You might be wondering what it actually means.  Is it a practice? A way of being? 

Embodiment is becoming more mainstream right now because it’s sorely missing from our fast-paced, technology-driven world. We desperately need it.

At a time when our collective mental health is suffering more than ever and our environment is threatened each day by human actions, we’ve become disconnected from our bodies, the planet and each other.   We’ve reduced our bodies to machines and our minds to problem-solving computers, always on the clock. 

So what is embodiment and why is it so important?

Embodiment is not about becoming skinnier or prettier.  And it’s certainly not about locking ourselves into the Ivory Tower of our minds thinking ourselves to death & having to “scientifically prove” every action we take.

Embodiment allows us to bring more of who we really are into the world.

Embodiment overrides the constant thinking and busy-ness of our minds so that we can experience life as a body.  To trust and experience our emotions, sensations, intuition & energy as valid sources of wisdom guiding us back home to ourselves. 

The mind is a wonderful tool, but the body is infinite in its intelligence.  The body is connected to Universal Intelligence, nature, the moon, sun, stars, and seasons.  The mind can’t always comprehend just how vast our potential is because it works through the lens of limitation and experience-based perception.

Where the mind seeks to find out why, the body simply knows.

Embodiment teaches us to honor that knowing by being fully IN our bodies in the present moment.

em·bod·i·ment /əmˈbädēmənt/ a practice of being IN your body, utilizing its vast depth of wisdom, sensation & intuition to tangibly change the things you wish to change. To experience the things you wish to experience and to do so in a way that makes you feel fully alive in the present moment instead of someday in the past or in the future.

Embodiment is what makes us human. And a life without it doesn’t just cause you harm, it diminishes your connection to life itself.

If you struggle with Being IN your body, your inner landscape will likely feel very painful.  You may not feel capable of bringing your full potential into the world.

It’s not just a buzzword, embodiment is a way of life. 

It’s that ‘special something’ you sense when someone truly magnetic & captivating walks into a room.

It’s that feeling you get when you’re deeply moved by evidence of the Divine in nature, synchronicity, deep connection, or romantic love.

It’s listening to an epic piece of music that vibrates through your entire being and moves you to tears.

It’s what it means to be fully alive.

I believe embodiment is what we all long for– to feel fully alive and connected to ourselves, each other and something greater.  To know our purpose and how we fit into the tapestry of life itself just by being alive. The absence of this creates so much of our suffering.

All of my events and retreats are curated tastes of what it feels like to be embodied.  They are invitations to connect to your aliveness. It’s why they are so cathartic, powerful and healing.   When you experience embodiment, you come home to yourself.  You set yourself free.  When embodiment work is done in soulful community, with like-minded women, your reality starts to change. When you have an ecology of support surrounding you, your world transforms.   You begin to see that anything is possible and can live as the greatest expression of your passions, purpose and potential.

Sharing embodiment with you is my deepest honor. I’d love for you to join me at one of our upcoming events or retreats.  I’ve also got an exquisitely crafted retreat experience of embodiment and epic adventure coming soon.  

Stay tuned for more details on the retreat and join us at an event!



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