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Breathwork Healing: Coming Home to Yourself

Breathwork Healing: Coming Home to Yourself


If you’re seeking a deeper spiritual connection, emotional healing, or simply desire to unwind from daily pressures and stress, I’ve created an audio offering to support you - Breathwork Healing: Coming Home to Yourself. 


This audio offering is intended to guide you to return home to yourself again and again, whenever you need it most.


"At some point early last year my brother and I did one of your recorded Breathwork Sessions, I believe titled "Feeling at Home in Your Body." I'm an actor and writer, and have felt incredibly distant from the inner well of creativity that I've drawn from entire my life. Overthinking, negative thoughts, harsh treatment of my self. Your breathwork sessions felt like gasps of air to a drowning man. Even if for an hour, a minute, to still the thoughts and quiet the mind was a gift I needed. I don't think I've ever cried in such a general sense in all my life, and I'm deeply grateful for it. The release and relief were (and are) hard for me to even define with words. Thank you. For helping me, and helping me find space within myself to allow for the healing and rejuvenation."

- JP


“These virtual Breathwork sessions have been so impactful in my self-care routine. Being in the wellness field, myself, I sometimes need to find creative ways to work on my own healing."

-Hillary Sabbato



For anyone else working their way through something tough, I cannot say enough about the power of breathwork with Stephanie. It has been the most healing thing; the best self-care I’ve ever experienced—a powerful physical release for difficult emotions.

-Joy LeDuc



I’d highly recommend Breathwork to anyone looking for a release from thoughts that are holding you back but that you can’t quite let go.”


Coming Home to Yourself is a bundle of pre-recorded Breathwork Healing Journeys including:

  • Breathwork Tutorial Video 
  • Daily Practice Audio 
  • Breathwork for Hope & Healing
  • Finding Comfort During Uncertain Times
  • Feeling at Home in Your Body
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