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Embodied Love: A Guided Breathwork Journey with the Spirit of the Rose

Embodied Love: A Guided Breathwork Journey with the Spirit of the Rose


About this Audio Journey:


A Guided Breathwork Journey with the Spirit of the Rose.


This beautiful breath journey with the spirit of the rose was created with the intention to support the expansion of your heart. 


If you’re longing to:


  • Heal grief and heartache
  • Foster deeper self-love & compassion  
  • Welcome more love into your life 
  • Release anger and sadness 
  • Cultivate forgiveness
  • Give your heart more kindness and nourishment during trying times
  • Practice greater self-care


Our journey together will explore how to build resilience within your nervous system so that you may live and lead with a kinder, more open heart. 


May this journey feel like a soft landing place, a giant exhale, whenever you need more loving care or want to release heaviness that may be weighing you down.


"I have always found Breathwork to be a very deep and powerful modality in moving through stagnations in the emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. It takes a special person to facilitate a circle encompassing such a great depth. Stephanie has a beautiful ability to hold tremendous space for this level of healing which deepens the entire process."

-Jean Atman


“Breathwork has been integral to my emotional health. It helps me process grief and life difficulties in a dynamic and active way."

-Alyssia Valentin


"The intensity of this healing truly was amazing, and while I couldn't really find adequate words to describe it, I couldn't wait to share and recommend it to friends and family. Stephanie is a truly gifted healer and I'm forever grateful for her presence in my life. "

- Carol Cottrell, Intuitive Medium

Embodied Love Includes:

  • Breathwork Tutorial Video
  • Introduction to Journey with the Rose
  • Guided Audio Journey
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