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Open Your Heart Tea

Open Your Heart Tea


A beautiful, sensual and calming blend, Open Your Heart combines plants and flowers that promote a shift in consciousness and a gentle relaxation to the body and mind, inviting in peace and a soft opening of the heart.


This blend is a wonderful ally for heartfelt connection, intimate conversations, as an ally for increasing self-love, and as a tool to help you commune with the energetic vibration of your heart, at peace and full of love. 


Made with Damiana, Cacao, Cinnamon, Rose, Orange Peel and Magic, this gently warming blend is a favorite among my friends, family and clients.  


You can drink this brew throughout the day to promote peace and calm or at the end your day to help shift from doing to being and promote deeper sleep.

Damiana, Cacao, Cinnamon, Rose petals, Orange Peel, Prayers & Magic

*All ingredients are organic

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