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Boundaries. What more can possibly be said?

What more can I say on a subject that has been so widely covered already?

Everyone from Oprah to kids' cartoons (literally, we're talking 488 million hits on Google alone) seems to have something to say about the subject~

~How to set healthy boundaries

~Different types of boundaries

~Ways to create better and stronger boundaries

~How boundaries can affect stress

And on and on and on...

The self-development world may be a bit boundary-obsessed at the moment, but is it really a surprise?

To a world that is just beginning to be open and honest about mental health, emotional well-being, and spiritual wellness, we're doing our very best to learn the ropes quickly.

And we can't stop talking about it.

What I've witnessed about boundaries- from countless hours in sessions with clients, conversations with friends, and my own personal healing journey- is that boundaries are such a unique and personal experience.

Based on who you talk to, boundaries can and will shift.

A subject our culture spends so much time talking about is the same subject that's greatly influenced by personal exploration and quiet space with our internal selves to receive guidance.

What I do know about boundaries, is that creating healthy ones requires a depth of intimacy with ourselves. Boundaries also require intimacy with the present moment in ways that our modern culture doesn't always allow for.

How do we know our personal boundaries have been crossed when we aren't even sure what they are? Or we're moving so fast- stressed out, distracted, and numb- that we don't feel our body's signals alerting us to boundary violations until it's too late? And when we do notice, we're so afraid of hurting others, we don't speak up...

To set boundaries and be clear about them is to invite ourselves into a constantly evolving discovery about our own needs.

As we grow and evolve, our needs also expand and shift.

Boundaries lie at the intersection of where we are growing and how we can best support and care for ourselves through what we decide to let in and what we decide stays out.

Again, based upon who you talk to, this can and will shift.

You can and will shift.

The next time you're thinking about boundaries, I invite you to explore a little deeper:

+ What are your actual boundaries? Meaning, they have been clearly stated and defined.

+ How do you know when you're boundary has been crossed, tested, or violated? How does it feel in your body? What does this bring up for you?

+ How do your clear boundaries contribute to your overall well-being and fulfillment within your life?

With boundaries, there is no set of rules, only an intimate connection to yourself and your ever-evolving needs as a human.

With boundaries, you get to educate others to love and support you by knowing what it is you need to thrive and sharing about it.

Sending love (and healthy boundaries),




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