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Lessons & Blessings from a Spirit Led Business...

Hi love, I’ve received so many lessons and tremendous blessings within my work over the last few years. With a lot of devotion and just as much prayer, I have continued to be humbled by the miracles I witness each day simply by being present, open and showing up to the actions both big and small that have created a community and ecology so much bigger than me. I believe we are better together and each day I witness how co-creation, collaboration, intimate relationship, and community support begin to heal and transform the parts of our humanness that feel isolated, separate, or that they don’t belong… As I’ve stepped into deeper alignment with my soul and the soul of my work, I’ve had to let go of many things I’d held so tightly in order to “succeed” in the traditional ways I thought success looked, in order for something so much deeper, more beautiful and true to emerge. As my work has continued to expand, sustainability, relationship, and regenerative cycles of rest, work and play continue to be the foundations I lean into and share with my community. Here are some things I’m intently focusing on right now~ Releasing urgency over and over again, both in how I show up, live, respond, and communicate. Aligning seasonally and cyclically to allow for rest and rejuvenation with the Earth Asking for and receiving support, guidance, and mentorship from my own teachers, peers, and loved ones to continue my own healing, education and growth I am also deeply curious about these areas in my own life: How to continue de-conditioning the rules and oppressive structures of dominant culture in my life while also living in a capitalistic society in 2023 How to create sustainability in life, work and relationships (to both people and place) while also contributing to the changing landscape of these times What about you? What are you focusing on? What are you deeply curious about or working to shift in your own life? I’d love to hear. Send me a message on Instagram and let me know what's on your heart. Sending lots of love to your evolving landscape within and without, Stephanie



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