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An invitation to slow down this Winter...

While a new calendar year can spark feelings of hopefulness and rebirth, it can also be a time of immense pressure.

If you're feeling slower, sleepier, and not quite ready to rearrange your life right now, you're right on time.

And if you're eager to start anew with fresh intentions, habits, and practices, that's great too.

Whatever your inclination right now, I'd love to offer a gentle invitation to let yourself take it slow right now.

The "New Year" of the Earth doesn't officially happen until Spring and if you’re willing, January can be a month of resourcing and nourishing your roots for the whole year to come.

As I continue to study Earth Medicine and observe the wisdom of nature, I believe that aligning with Earth Pace is some of the most potent (and healing) medicine for our world right now.

While humanity may be gearing up for resolutions and big projects, the natural world is still resting and replenishing deep within.

When we mimic the patterns and cycles of nature- each day, each month with the moon’s cycles, and each year with the seasons- our bodies are given the opportunity to heal and replenish without burning out.

Our bodies, after all, are nature.

What if- instead of setting ourselves up for burnout, over-committing, or added stress by taking on too much right now- we allowed ourselves to do way less and receive (our own presence) way more?

Our whole world might change.



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