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The Importance of Ritual in a Fast-Moving World + My Personal Ritual...

In a world constantly in motion, some of the most important anchors in my life are the moments of silence and solitude I cultivate in which I intentionally commune with Spirit and make space for reflection, contemplation, and silence.

The deeper I go within my work and relationship with myself, the more I value and find necessary these practices of ritual for my well-being, clarity, and goals.

Rituals support us by focusing our attention, shifting our consciousness and assisting us in creating more depth, beauty and magic within the mundane or stressful moments of our lives.

Rituals don’t have to be complicated or fancy, they can be anything that supports your relationship to yourself - breath, body, heart, and soul.

For me, mornings are sacred and sometimes the only alone time I get in a day, so I consciously flow with whatever I’m feeling each morning and attune to what I most need to feel supported in that moment and for the day ahead.

Some elements I like to include in my morning practice are:

  • Something to awaken each of my senses- music, sacred smoke, lighting a candle, soft textures (i.e. a sheep skin or cozy blanket)

  • An elixir that helps me ground into my body and awaken my mind - sometimes this is coffee or cacao other times it’s a simple herbal infusion (I’m drinking Coca Leaf tea in the video above)

  • A practice to support calming my nervous system and shifting my consciousness outside of linear time for a bit - this might be breath, movement, intuitive dance, and is usually all 3.

  • A time limit. Depending on how much time I have, I will expand or contract my practice as needed. I sometimes set a timer if necessary.

Then I like to consider, what will help me feel most connected to myself.

This might be: Journaling, reading, praying, sketching, singing, drumming, pulling an oracle card, a meditation at my altar, movement, or stillness. The important thing is that it feels doable, easeful and supportive.

I love sharing more about the practice of ritual and my own personal rituals on my Instagram account, and I'd love it if you would follow along.



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