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The Most Important Work Women Can Do

The most important work we can do as women is to stop suppressing ourselves. We’ve learned to contain who we really are from the beginning. We’re told that good girls don’t~ Cry so loud Speak so freely Act so wild Dress so sexy And it doesn’t matter where we’ve come from, so many of us have experienced similar flavors of containment. What’s worse, we’ve internalized these external limitations and made them our own. When people have asked us to stay small, we do. When the traumas from our past feel like dirty secrets, we keep them. When airbrushed covers of magazines dictate what health, vitality, and sensuality “should” look like, we work to mold ourselves in their image. When people bully us, call us names, or share unsolicited opinions about who we are, we believe them and begin to see ourselves through their eyes. Who are we really without all that outside input? When we are brave enough to move through the caverns of our hearts, plumb our depths and connect to our emotional and intuitive bodies, we begin to access something more wise, trustable, and true- our very essence, the core of who we are untouched by external circumstances. It is a sacred act to constantly, consistently make time and space to access this part of yourself as often as possible. And it is fuel for your health, vitality, and expression. Start small if you must, 5 minutes of silence each morning, what matters is that you intend to be with yourself in this way, listening, feeling, hearing what needs to be heard within. It will change you. And you, woman, are so worth it. With love, Stephanie



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