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When it comes to your relationship with yourself, you can’t “get it wrong”.

In a world built upon checks and balances, pass / fail grades, and metrics based upon achievement and results, it can be challenging to trust your unique way of being in the world.

As many of my clients begin to embrace the more fluid, watery depths of their feminine nature, they often second guess themselves -

~Am I doing this right?

~Is my experience valid?

~Does this make sense?

~Is it safe to trust the sensations I’m feeling?

~Can I really honor what I know and feel if I can’t articulate it perfectly?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES.

When it comes to your relationship with yourself, you can’t “get it wrong”.

As children, we may be taught about “right” and “wrong”. We may learn to trust in definitive and specific outcomes as a way to make sense of the world.

We may learn that trust can be placed only upon that which we know for sure and that the unknown is something to question, be afraid of, reject, or completely avoid because of how unsafe it can sometimes feel.

However, when tuning into greater embodiment, i.e. connecting more deeply to the wisdom and language of the body - I often share the following with my clients who find themselves questioning:

Your body doesn’t speak English.

Your body speaks in sensation, intuition, tension, emotion, upset, illness, ecstasy, and so many other magical ways.

While your mind can process about 1% of what is actually happening around you, the intelligence of your body is picking up far greater information, and then processing and communicating to you through these ways.

Maybe that’s chronic tension in your stomach when you’re in stressful situations, or a sense of calm and peace when you’re with your best friend.

Understanding your body’s unique language takes a different level of awareness than a typical verbal conversation between two people. It requires curiosity and embracing the unknown.

In the realm of the unknown~

There is no right or wrong.

There is no pass/fail.

There is no "success rate".

There is instead, an opportunity to become more deeply attuned with the ways in which your Being communicates with you and how you may interact with the world as a result of this communication.

As with learning any new language or skill, it takes time, presence, attention, and intention to strengthen it.

It takes practice and patience, as well as a healthy dose of humility. And of course, there is always more to learn. But the learning and the curiosity are where the magic lies.

When we learn to trust ourselves more deeply and honor how the unknown (Spirit/Nature/your Higher Self) uniquely speaks to us through our bodies, we may begin to welcome a fuller expression of ourselves into the world.

We may begin to inhabit our bodies and our own energy more fully without taking on the emotions, pain, trauma, drama, or healing of others.

When we know what it feels like to receive our own presence and energy, we can gently invite a more authentic expression of ourselves to the table.

If this speaks to you and you're wondering "How?"~

I invite you to become more comfortable with slowing down and listening - truly listening to yourself. I invite you to make yourself available to receive your truth and your body's unique wisdom.

It's so worth it.



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