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Work with the New Moon in Gemini ~ Ritual, Journal Prompts & Playlist

Stephanie Burg in a purple dress with the moon cycle above her and mountains in the background

Following the moon’s cycle is one of the best ways to begin understanding your body’s cyclical shifts, your emotional needs, and to improve your overall well-being.

This week, we welcome the New Moon in Gemini and we'll be basking in these energies for several days before and after the actual event.

New Moons are a beautiful time to identify your needs and commit to going after what you want.  During this window of time, ritual and reflection are most potent as they are supported by both Cosmic and Earth energies, allowing us to gain insight and magnetize our desires.

In this post, you’ll find several helpful tips to support you in connecting to the energies of the New Moon in Gemini, including:


+ Helpful info on the New Moon in Gemini

+ Ritual suggestion

+ Journal prompts

+ A New Moon in Gemini Playlist


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New moon among pink clouds

About the New Moon:

The New Moon is the most mysterious time of the moon’s cycle, bringing darkness to the night sky for 3 days.  In response to the moon's darkness, you may notice that you tend to feel more reflective and internal.

Physically, your energy may be at its lowest and you may feel more tired or sensitive. Emotionally, the New Moon is a time to tune into your heart’s desires and listen to what your inner world is saying.

 You may naturally be more introspective during a New Moon, thus, it’s a powerful opportunity to set intentions and actively choose to meet your deepest desires.



About Gemini:

Gemini is an air sign in astrology that fuels the mind, which means it could potentially influence your ideas and creativity as well as different forms of communication- writing, talking, journaling, and anything that stimulates inspiration or new ideas. 


New Moons in Gemini:

 When a New Moon is in Gemini, you may find yourself overflowing with new ideas and connecting to limitless possibilities. It is an excellent time to write out your hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions, especially those that relate to self-expression and your healing.  


Woman holding candle



Sometime this week, ideally in the next few days, create a ritual for yourself to commemorate this moment in your life, exactly as you are, and to connect your senses to the cycles and rhythms of nature through an intentional connection with the moon. 


Take a moment to go outside at night and look at the moon.  Notice where she is in her cycle.  Is the night sky dark or do you see a bit of light from the sliver of the moon’s crescent? 


Honor and acknowledge the moon’s influence over the tides of your inner waters -your womb and blood, and your menstrual cycle if you are a bleeding body. 


Altar with crystals



 Consider creating a sacred place somewhere in your home to remind you of and anchor your intentions for the month & moon cycle ahead.  


This area can be small or big— a corner table, your mantle if you have a fireplace, or a place in your bedroom, office, or kitchen. Somewhere in your home, gather a few, special, beautiful items that represent how you want to feel over the next month. 


You can choose a candle, photographs, flowers or fruit, something to represent each of the elements, herbs, spices, crystals, a circle of beads, or anything that feels resonant to you


As you create this beautiful space, place your intentions on your altar and consider sitting in front of it and meditating on your intentions or reading them aloud every day until the next New Moon. 


The more you connect with this sacred space with presence, prayer, and intention, the more you "activate" its energies and amplify your wishes for the months to come.


**If a physical altar space is not doable for you, you could also create a “digital altar space” creating an image or collage on your phone using an app like Canva or PicMonkey and making it the screensaver on your device. Every time you look at your device you’ll be reminded of your intentions!

Woman writing in a notebook



Take a moment to slow down, light a candle or some incense, breathe deeply, and tune in.  Imagine you are planting seeds.  You may want to journal, meditate, or practice some Breathwork for greater clarity. 


Reflect and explore where you might create more intention in your life and consider…


-⁣⁣⁣⁣How can I adapt to the changes I’m experiencing in my life right now? 


-How might I honor my needs more fully and then communicate those needs clearly with the world around me?  


-What does it mean for me to “share my gifts with the world”? 


-What is holding me back from pursuing the areas I am most passionate about? 


-How can I improve the ways I communicate with myself, my body, and my intuition? Am I feeding my Spirit well?  


Woman listening on headphones


A playlist to weave you into the moon's dark phase influenced by the intellectual air sign, Gemini.


Moon cycles

Aligning moments of your life with the Earth’s cycles and rhythms can deepen your connection to yourself and the universe. By intentionally pausing to connect with the natural world, you create an opportunity to start anew each month. You can set intentions, and goals, and create aligned action steps to support what you wish to manifest from exactly where you are in the moment.

Join us virtually each month as we gather to mark the moon’s changes. Click the button below to participate in the next event and feel free to share how you’re harnessing the energy of the New Moon in Gemini in the comments below!



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