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You're changing, they're judging. Sound familiar?

Sometimes as we grow and change, the people around us may respond in ways that feel out of alignment with where we’re headed…

They may react negatively,

Press their fears upon us,

Or question our intentions so much we may begin to doubt the places within us that led to the initiation of something new to begin with.

After witnessing countless women go through transitions and expansion, it's not uncommon for them to experience objections from their family and friends.

There is often a lot of resistance, questioning, pushback, and even judgment about what they’re up to and where they’re headed.

One of the most simple and loving ways I know how to navigate this is to~

Get. Curious.

Get curious about what’s underneath all of those objections.

Get curious to learn what the fears are really about.

Many times, the challenges presented by others come as a result of the increased self-worth, confidence, and boundaries of the person growing and changing. This is not the “issue”.

Many people carry wounds of abandonment and rejection deeply in their hearts, and so when those they love begin to change, all of that wounding can come to the surface.

On both sides, people fear that change equals being left behind, not receiving love, or being isolated and alone.

Often, the people that love you present fear because they feel YOU changing.

Sometimes, abandonment and rejection happen, yes, it’s part of life, but what is often neglected to be witnessed is that we are never meant to stay the same.

We are nature, and as such, when we are healthy, we are meant to grow, change, and become the fullest versions of ourselves.

We are not meant to stay exactly as we are while everything and everyone else around us grows and flourishes.

You get to flourish too.

It is not your job to appease the fears, insecurities, and objections of others, but when it’s warranted and available, exploring this topic through conversation and reflection can be tremendously valuable and intimacy-building.

When a conversation is not available, you have the privilege and opportunity to become your own biggest advocate -

Trust your growth.

Trust the changes.

Trust, on every level, your expansion.

You get to affirm to yourself over and over and over again that you are worthy of creating your expression of this life.

You get to own that things are shifting and that it’s ok to change. It’s healthy even.

And just like nature, your health supports the whole ecosystem of your life.

With love,




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