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Clear out the cobwebs with these magical Spring Equinox rituals

You’ve likely been feeling the shift toward Spring over the last several weeks, and Saturday’s Spring Equinox (here in the Northern Hemisphere) is bringing us a beautiful opportunity to clear out cobwebs both literally and figuratively.

Spring is the “true New Year” of the natural world and our bodies, intrinsically connected to nature, are also journeying with the awakening Earth. Now is a powerful opportunity to begin anew and set intentions for the months ahead as we are most supported energetically to do so.

An invitation for you this weekend, if you feel called, is to create a ritual for Spring, a ceremony of sorts, to celebrate what’s awakening within you.

Some ideas to help you create your own Spring Equinox ritual:

~ Find a place in nature to sit and observe awakening life.

~ Take some time to reflect on your growth over the last year.

~ Meditate or journal about what is growing anew within you and most importantly, what beliefs, habits, behaviors, patterns, or junk are you ready to let go of?

~ Create intentions or goals around what you’re birthing or would like to create from now until Fall.

~ Start a cleanse by lightening up your food intake or eating a bit cleaner.

~ Clean your house or closets

~Clear your space with blessing herbs to support lighter, clearer energy.

If you have any other Spring rituals, I'd love to hear them! Share your ideas in the comments below. :)

Journal Prompts: Setting Intentions for the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is a time of rebirth. As we connect to the Spring energy (can you feel it?), it's a wonderful time to set intentions and nourish the ideas we planted in the winter.

Journaling is a great way to focus your energy in an embodied way. Set aside some time this Spring Equinox to contemplate and envision what you would love to create in the months ahead. You can use these prompts for support and guided inquiry.

+What dreams do you want to have take root and grow in your life?

+What has shifted and transformed that no longer serves you?

+What is awakening within you at this time of year?

+Where do you feel the "hope" of Spring emerging in you and your life?

+If you were to sow the seeds of your dreams in the Spring soil, what do you wish to bring to harvest in Autumn?

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