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Embracing joy & beauty in the midst of pain & suffering

Embracing joy & beauty in the midst of pain & suffering - woman laying on the floor in shadows

“We need to stay in the middle of the fire, in the center of our pain, long enough for it to transform. This is alchemy. This is where fierce compassion is born.”

-Mirabi Starr

As conscious women, who have an innate capacity to feel so deeply and to empathically tend to and nurture everyone around us, the paradox we carry is how to hold both/and within our life experience...


What I mean is this-


How do we hold the depth of our pain, grief, sorrow, and the tragedies that happen every single day in the world around us, alongside our bliss, pleasure, joy,  and happiness?  


How do we maintain our ability to be connected to our bodies & senses and enjoy our lives when there is so much pain all around us?  


Is it even ok to be happy and experience joy when many others are suffering so deeply?


I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I deepen my own work of de-conditioning.


I see how so much of the old conditioning that I (and many of my clients) carry is not truly useful for where we're headed or what our world needs in order to create something new.


The old paradigm says:

Can we stay exhausted?

Can we be constantly suffering all the time?

Can we be in pain and sadness in order to be more “relatable” or to be “doing healing right”?  


And I get it.  The work of conscious creation, activism of all kinds, and healing is tough.  It is not for the faint of heart. 


BUT…we need to experience pleasure and joy as much as possible in order to have the capacity to be with the pain more deeply.


It’s not an either/or experience. 


We need a fuller spectrum way of relating to our lives. 


I believe that our work as women of today is to be fully expressed in all parts of ourselves and that learning to be with the both/and of our human experience is a potent way to no longer sever or compartmentalize any part of ourselves.


When we hold the totality of our emotional and life experience, we are invited to be all that we are- in the beauty and in the shit, in the grief and in the joy.  


With that, I want to acknowledge all that you’re doing in your life, Support, and offer the invitation (and permission) to allow even more joy and lightness into your life to whatever extent feels doable. If not joy, then maybe gratitude.


I leave you with the inquiry-

How can you bring a fuller experience to your life and embrace the both/and in your life today?


Embracing this spectrum may not only make your journey more sustainable, it may just create a ripple effect that heals the world.

Join us next month for a Breathwork Healing Journey to explore the both/and in your life. Details & registration here.



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