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How to Embrace the Power of the Summer Solstice: Blessings, Rituals & Journal Prompts

Happy Summer Solstice!


Today’s Summer Solstice marks the official turn of the Wheel of the Year into a new season. ⁣⁣


Have you felt the shift?

Our bodies change with the seasons. In the summer, we are more likely to brim with vitality and energy, shedding winter’s sluggishness and embodying the potency of the season.

The Summer Solstice is a reminder that it is our birthright to shine brightly, take up space, and live with full vitality. Not only are we celebrating extra sunshine, but we are also celebrating the peak expression, full bloom, and fertility abundant in ourselves and in nature that has been building since Spring. ⁣⁣


On the Summer Solstice, we are bathed in the energy of the sun feeling alive, refreshed, renewed, and energized, and we may allow the heat of the Sun's fire to fuel our passions, connections, and heartfelt dreams.⁣⁣


The sun symbolizes life and represents energy, vitality, clarity, resilience, and confidence. When you connect to the sun's power and energy, how do you feel?


Today's Solstice calls for celebration, abundance, and enjoyment - you can honor this potent shift in seasons with the rituals and journal prompts below.


Summer Solstice Rituals


Rituals support us by focusing our attention, shifting our consciousness, and assisting us in creating more depth, beauty, and magic within the mundane or stressful moments of our lives.


A ritual doesn't have to be difficult — it should be doable, easy, and supportive. You can make a Summer Solstice Ritual out of anything that calls to you, but these are some of my favorites:

~ Celebrate aliveness:

Soak in the sunlight, swim, dance, breathe, and laugh with kindred spirits.⁣⁣


~ Spend some time in self-reflection: 

The Solstice is a time to harness the energy of growth and self-healing and to release what's stagnant.  What do you most want to create with the last 6 months of the year?  Journal, practice visualization and share your intentions with a trusted friend. ⁣⁣


~Refresh your altar or clear your space:

Bring in bits of nature to adorn your sacred spaces. Dust, mop, tidy up. Burn blessing herbs for smoke clearing. Adorn your altar space with elements that remind you of summer or your intentions for the months ahead. ⁣⁣


~ Get your hands dirty: 

Spending time in nature, be it the beach, your garden or your favorite hiking trail connects you to the energy and uplifting vibration of the summer months. ⁣⁣



It's the start of summer, after all. ⁣⁣



Take a moment to slow down, light a candle or some incense, breathe deeply, and tune in.  Imagine you are planting seeds.  You may want to journal, meditate, or practice some Breathwork for greater clarity. 


Reflect and explore what you're creating and calling in for the months ahead...

~What’s occurred for you over the last six months? 

List all the things that have been shifting, what you've accomplished, or the healing you've been up to. 

~What would you love to see unfold in your life over the next 3 months until the Fall Equinox?

What projects, goals, studies, or connections do you want to prioritize?

~What do you most want to create with the last 6 months of the year? 

Where do you most want to focus your time, energy, and intention until the Winter Solstice?

With this Summer Solstice, I invite you to reflect on what brings you joy, set powerful intentions, and take inspired action toward manifesting your dreams. Let this Solstice be a celebration for all you've created in the last six months and a catalyst for positive change and growth in the months ahead.

Sending love,




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